buy #1 Dad In The Galaxy T-Shirt

#1 Dad In The Galaxy T-Shirt

Star Wars #1 Dad In The Galaxy T-Shirt

Wow. if you really get your head around the myth that is Star Wars, we are to believe that the Heroes of this tail, are twins (Luke and Leia) who in turn came from the darkest Father in the land (Darth Vader) who was a good guy turned bad!

Ok this philosophy is conceptually deep! It speaks to freedom of choice, nurture versus nature, duality and dialectics, and both anthropomorphological Frankenstein trans human models succumbing to their shadows, and human and non human ones rising above them.

But, as much as everyone loves there own Mother, does not everyone loves their own Dad! And who doesn’t love the baddest Dad in the Land? Sith Lord etraordinaire, D.V. himself! Without Darth Vader, what is the story about? (hint: No story without him.) Without Anakin (Darth Vader) where would Luke and Leia come from?

There are sometimes long prologues to get to the point. Sometimes they float across the screen in epic scrolling fashion, disappearing into the horizon with accompanying orchestral music playing in Dolby DTS surround sound, listing minutia and history bringing us to where the kind viewers find themselves. Sometimes they are speculations on a stationary screen.. but in any case.. getting back to reality now, the two points I wish to make are simply 1) Darth Vader is the baddest Dad in the land, and 2) We all love him, and this fact is t-shirt worthy.

The epic #1 Dad Star Wars Darth Vader t-shirt shows the dark lord, Darth Vader, arms crossed defiantly, unabashedly gazing forward, with his matter of fact mask keeping his ever calm expression in place, cloak present, speaking to his majestic badness.

The shirt is made with 100% pre-shrunk cotton, and is available in Men’s sizes Small – 2XL. (Looks great on women too of course!)

The Force is Strong!

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