buy BB-8 8-Ball T-Shirt

BB-8 8-Ball T-Shirt

Star Wars BB-8 8 ball t-shirt

What freaking great Star Wars T-Shirt! Made with ethically sourced cotton, 100% sweatshop free, and choose your size (Small – 3XL) and color (all hues available)!

Who can you trust when you are behind the eight-ball? Well, if you live in the Star Wars universe, like most of us, it’s friendly droids who have your back, and provide your hack.

Luke, Han, Leia, even Chewie, couldn’t have done what they did without their A.I. support! Back to the future in the 70’s it was provided by loveable R2-D2 and C3PO. This time “round” its friendly BB-8!

Return the favor and get behind (literally, figuratively, p0t@to-pot8t0) droids you love with this whimsical and ironic BB-8 eight-ball t-shirt. This artificially intelligent robot is behind support for humans, and to quote Shatner “that’s something I can get behind”!

Ok, so there’s an internet meme (intentional marketing? paranoid theory? world domination conspiracy?) on the Monster brand using the Hebrew character for 6, creating a unholy trinity. And triple 7’s, using 7 as being perfection would be a jackpot of trifecta (code for holy trinity?) Convert to elite-speak and are we looking at a triple-8 and is this convergent trans-human allegiance??? Who cares, it is an awesome BB-8 T-shirt and you know you want it!

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