buy Boba Fatt T-Shirt

Boba Fatt T-Shirt

Star Wars Boba Fett VS Boba Fatt T-Shirt

OK so you like Boba Fett from Star Wars but did you know that he has a weight problem?

Yes just look at this Star Wars t-shirt and see Boba Fett but now he looks more like Boba Fatt.

On the shirt he seems to be almost bursting out of his costume and he is still holding a burger and that of course means that more weight is being added as we speak.

You can get this fun Star Wars t-shirt in a men and women’s cut and in sizes Small to 6XL so that even Boba Fatt could fit in one.

Come and check out the options of this Star Wars Boba Fett VS Boba Fatt T-Shirt.