buy Boba Fett Cross Body Brown Bag

Boba Fett Cross Body Brown Bag

Star Wars Boba Fett Cross Body Brown Bag

Your a Star Wars fan and a lover of Boba Fett. Well let me tell you about something that might interest you. This Boba Fett cross body satchel is the bomb! It is faux leather and has Boba Fett’s signature helmet etched into it that has the effect of a faux leather worked object. On the flipside of the case, there is the clearly recognizeable metallic Star Wars logo attached to it.

This bag features a metal snap closure, 2 zipper pockets and a pouch pocket. It looks great, and when the bounty hunting business slows down, Boba was known to have done some courier work with a bag similar to this one. Ok, that last sentence was completely made up, but, you never know! This bag is officially licensed and of high quality.

Darth Vader was known to be strictly black in his colour preference. However, the hide brown color of this bag lends a bit more flexibility when it comes to accessorizing with a wide variety of casual wear. And it’s great for hauling stuff around!

Get your “to-go” stuff organized, and grab your own Boba Fett Courier Bag.