buy Boba Fett Helmet Coin Purse

Boba Fett Helmet Coin Purse

Boba Fett Helmet Coin wallet

Hunting for bounty is cool. Hunting for change is not. Keep your precious metal together in this Boba Fett Helmet Coin Bag.

Fans of the antihero understand that force may be two sides of the same coin. One need not what one already has obtained.

Five by five by five inches, this green faux-leather bag has two sides – one with the Star Wars Logo on it, and the other designed to look like the galactic helmet of bounty hunter extraordinaire Boba Fett.

Sometimes it’s good to go it alone. Especially when there is something you truly want. On the flip-side, Bob Dylan might be right that we all need to serve somebody, and it might be serving pizzas at Pizza Hut, or it might be the Lord Vader, or screw that and be self-serving when you get this Star Wars Boba Fett Coin Purse.