buy Boba Fett Punk T-Shirt

Boba Fett Punk T-Shirt

Boba Fett Punk T-Shirt

If looks could kill, this half cocked image of Boba Fett, fully armed would get the message straight. The legend returns to a T-Shirt on you. In this image he is rocking out with a studded jean jacket with a patch that says “riot” as his appearance tends to cause these.

Perfect for any Star Wars fan, including yourself, take the space party to the masses with this outrageously bizarre piece of Boba Fett sports wear.

Anti-heroes can make you say uncle when they are packing serious heat. Choose your side of the force light or dark, and this shirt comes in a wide array of colors, including grey.

Pick the men’s size that is best for you, from Small to 3X-Large.

Why is it always the quiet ones you got to look out for? Boba is back baby. Represent.

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