buy Darth Vader Join Us Or Die Mug

Darth Vader Join Us Or Die Mug

Star Wars Darth Vader Mug that says Join us Or Die

Hey Star Wars fans you will love to drink your morning coffee out of this awesome Darth Vader mug.

Darth Vader Lord of the dark side once made an epic promise to the Emperor that young Luke Skywalker would join us or die after he found out Luke was his son.

This cool Darth Vader ceramic mug is black with a picture of Darth Vader himself from the waist up on the front of the mug, and he is pointing his hand out with the text  “JOIN US OR DIE!” written under is picture.

The Darth Vader mug will hold up to 20 ounces of your most favorite morning or anytime of the day beverage. And this Star Wars mug is dishwasher and microwave safe to.

May the force be with you when you take a sip of coffee from this Star Wars Darth Vader Ceramic Mug.