buy Darth Vader Tutu Skirt

Darth Vader Tutu Skirt

Star Wars Darth Vader Tutu Skirt

Are you looking to show off your nerdy Star Wars side in a sexy stylish way? If so have a very close look at this super cute mini tutu skirt.

This is an all black skirt that is a tutu style, a fine mesh mini skirt that has a shiny silver trim on the bottom and a solid black underlay skirt. It also features a printed waist band that has all of the Dark Lord Darth Vader features of his belt to make it look like you are wearing the belt.

The Star Wars Darth Vader tutu skirt will fit a large range of sizes, two sizes to choose from Small/meduim and Large/XL and is a total of 15 inches in length.

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