buy Grand Master Yoda T-Shirt

Grand Master Yoda T-Shirt

Star Wars Grand Master Yoda T-Shirt

Get ready for your Jedi training Star Wars fans and wear this cool Yoda t-shirt.

Yoda is know to be the most powerful Jedi master of the Jedi order who trains young Jedi’s for over 800 years.

This green Star Wars Yoda t-shirt features a picture of Yoda’s head in the middle of the t-shirt with is name YODA written above his head in capital letters. Written below is picture is GRAND MASTER of the Jedi council and on each side are the quotes “The light side” and “Jedi Master”.

It is a 100% cotton t-shirt and is tag less for all those people that always cuts there tags of there shirts.
And the Yoda t-shirt comes in sizes Small – 2XL.

Start your Jedi training today when you slip into this Star Wars Yoda T-shirt.