buy Jedi Academy Mesh Shorts

Jedi Academy Mesh Shorts

Star Wars Jedi Academy Mesh Shorts

When training to be a Jedi you need to start with the proper work out shorts, I bet this is what Yoda was wearing the time of his training.

On this pair of navy blue mesh shorts you will see the symbol for the Jedi Academy which is two hands holding up a lightsaber which shines icy blue and forms the shape of a diamond along with “Jedi Academy” printed. Also find the official Star Wars logo stitched under the Jedi logo.

The Star Wars shorts are made to be durale and very comfortable with a mesh material to keep you cool to last you through your Jedi training, they are available in a huge selection of sizes that range from Small to 2XL

Get a pair of the Star Wars Jedi Academy Mesh Shorts.