buy LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Alarm Clock

LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Alarm Clock

LEGO Star Wars Storm Trooper Alarm Clock

You know when you are zipping around from Solar System to Solar System, it can be hard to know “What Time It Is” – man. I mean, we better just settle on a seemingly arbitrary unit to make it a standard. I propose the time it takes for a planet called Earth to revolve and then divide by 24, as it is a nice even number. Well, this is exactly what this beautiful LEGO Star Wars alarm clock does! It uses STANDARD EARTH TIME!

Well, if you happen to be reading about this fine product from EARTH, you may possibly have to use an alarm to make sure you do things like START YOUR DAY. Well, this clock can help you there by waking you up at a set (programmable) time, and this will benefit you by allowing you to keep your job and continue getting cool things with your money tickets!

“Day to day grind” (can only) become bearable when you pimp out your otherwise mundane items and express your individuality. Which brings this informative article to it’s strong close. YOU NEED THIS LEGO ALARM CLOCK – because it is inherently fun and cheerful – despite it representing the dark side with a bright white Stormtrooper figure! Synchronic in it’s blend of the iconic with the ironic. Day and night it will serve you right!

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