buy Poe Dameron Pop! Bobblehead Figurine

Poe Dameron Pop! Bobblehead Figurine

Funko Star Wars Figurine of Poe Dameron

There we have Poe Dameron in his pilots costume complete with helmet and this Star Wars figurine is also a bobblehead and that makes it extra fun if you own one.

Made by Funko in their Pop! series this figurine of Poe is 3.75 inch tall and just looks amazing and is great to own in your Star Wars collection.

Poe Dameron come on a stand with the Star Wars logo on it so that everyone knows where he is from.

The Star Wars Episode 7 figurine comes in a nice box with a window so that you can even stare at him while it’s still wrapped.

Get your Poe Dameron Pop! Bobblehead Figurine

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