buy Princess Leia Bath Robe

Princess Leia Bath Robe

Princess Leia Fleece Bath Robe

Take geek-chic up a notch! Only to be picked up for true princesses throughout the galaxy!

Look after your royal bad-ass self with this gorgeous Princess Leia Fleece robe.

This official Star Wars merch is perfect to wind down in after diplomatically dispensing with any unwanted interference from the dark side. So fun it has buns sewn on the hood, which serve as pockets of course! Stylish matched belt ties it all together.

Comes in comfy Small – XL sizing. Easy to care for machine wash cold, tumble dry. Super soft, bundle up robe, all Fleece aside from the decorations.

Saving the universe starts at home. Relax, recharge, and reign all in this sweet robe. Now is the time to cuddle up in your new Star Wars Princess Leia Bath Robe.