buy Star Wars Dangling Earrings

Star Wars Dangling Earrings

Star Wars Dangling Spacecraft Earrings

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, than your ears are the doorways to the Force! Recognize them as such with this with these geek-chic sci-fi dangle earings. Your choice of TIE Fighter, X-Wing or Death Star. These likely meet your dress code, but regardless, they simply express your style and what you are cool about loving.

“Yeah, that’s a Death Star hanging from my ear. Yes, I am a Star Wars fan, and yes they make me happy. Anything further?”
No questions here! Mix and match too as you wish.

These Star Wars earrings are made out of 316L (implant grade) surgical Steel, and will be a welcome addition to your existing selection of jewelry. The ultimate fandom accessory.

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