buy Star Wars Han Solo Mini Fridge

Star Wars Han Solo Mini Fridge

Star Wars Han Solo Mini Fridge

When Darth Vader ordered Han Solo to go through the Bespin’s freezing process I’m sure he did not expect him to survive, here is a great and clever product that pays tribute to Han Solo the man in carbonite.

On the front of this mini fridge from the cool series Star Wars  you see the very cool and memorable image of Han Solo frozen in carbonite, it is 3D so Han Solo does stick out to give this fride a realistic look and feel, also features a red LED light on the front for a lighting effect that is awesome.

This is a fridge that has two settings, one to keep things cool and another setting that will allow you to keep things warm. The outter measurements are 19 inches tall x 11 inches wide x 11 inches deep and there are two removeable shelves inside aswell as a top handle to easily move your Star Wars Han Solo mini fridge.

Cool off with the Star Wars Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Mini Fridge.