buy Stormtrooper Throw Pillow

Stormtrooper Throw Pillow

Star Wars Stormtrooper pillow case

A great conversation piece and – a distracted Stormtrooper on the front and back of this pillow cover (order with or without accompanying throw pillow).

Falling out of rank and file can get you noticed, as captured here.  A row of Stormtroopers stands tall in attention, but the third one is leaning out to spot something on his own volition – no groupthink required.

The dark side, with it’s shiny white minions may never fully brainwash those inside the anomonyzing body armor.

This is the point and you can express your individuality by picking up this mildly unsettling cushion case and (optional) cushion set.

Star Wars pillow case is made out of soft yet long lasting 100% spun polyester poplin.

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