buy Stormtrooper Toothbrush

Stormtrooper Toothbrush

Star Wars Stormtrooper Toothbrush

There we have a Stormtrooper that likes clean teeth.

And to help out Star Wars fans they made this Stormtrooper into a toothbrush.

Yes you can brush you teeth with a Stormtrooper toothbrush and that is not something many people can say.

This Star Wars toothbrush is imported from Japan and so very unlikely that your friends have one to.

The Stormtrooper is about 12.5 cm tall and that makes for a great size toothbrush.

Maybe it’s a shame to use this special brush but it sure make a great addition to your Star Wars collection.

You just have to take a closer look at this Star Wars Stormtrooper Toothbrush.

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