buy X-Wing Fighter Bath Robe

X-Wing Fighter Bath Robe

If you always wondered how it would be to wear an X-Wing pilots costume then wearing this X-Wing bath robe is what you should try.

Of course, it’s not like the costume the pilot would wear but at least it looks like it and it is way more comfortable and soft.

The fleece bath robe is orange with many details of the original costume and the hood even looks like a helmet.

The officially licenced Star Wars bath robe is just perfect for when you come out of bed in the morning or when you get out of the shower. It is also just fun to lounge around on it all day long while you rewatch all those Star Wars movies.

Get your X-Wing Fighter Bath Robe

buy Chewbacca Bath Robe

Chewbacca Bath Robe

Chewbacca Bath Robe

The best way to turn into a big hairy Chewbacca is to throw on this comforting bath robe.

This bath robe is based after Chewbacca the Star Wars character tha is loved by many, find a completely brown hairy plush robe that has the bandoiler strap across the front and back that looks like it is holding a brown sac.

Also featuring a brown hairy hood that is attached along with brown waist tie to keep the robe closed and fastened on you, it is available in a one size fits all giving everybody a chance to be Chewbacca.

Get in the Star Wars Chewbacca Bath Robe.

buy Princess Leia Bath Robe

Princess Leia Bath Robe

Princess Leia Fleece Bath Robe

Take geek-chic up a notch! Only to be picked up for true princesses throughout the galaxy!

Look after your royal bad-ass self with this gorgeous Princess Leia Fleece robe.

This official Star Wars merch is perfect to wind down in after diplomatically dispensing with any unwanted interference from the dark side. So fun it has buns sewn on the hood, which serve as pockets of course! Stylish matched belt ties it all together.

Comes in comfy Small – XL sizing. Easy to care for machine wash cold, tumble dry. Super soft, bundle up robe, all Fleece aside from the decorations.

Saving the universe starts at home. Relax, recharge, and reign all in this sweet robe. Now is the time to cuddle up in your new Star Wars Princess Leia Bath Robe.

buy Darth Vader Fleece Robe

Darth Vader Fleece Robe

Star Wars Darth Vader costume bath robe

Weather you are getting out of the shower or hanging out watching T.V on the couch it nice to wrap yourself up in a nice cozy warm robe.

Well, if your a Star Wars fan here we have the coolest Darth Vader fleece robe that will keep you warm. You will feel the force as you slip on this bath robe. Darth Vader was a very powerful Sith Lord on a quest to rule the galaxy.

This awesome Star Wars Darth Vader fleece robe is designed to look just like Darth Vader outfit with appliqué panels, armor, and lightsaber. It also has a hood with two pockets in the front.

Curl up on the couch and watch the Star Wars movies in this comfy warm Star Wars Darth Vader Fleece Bath Robe.

buy Sith Lord Plush Hooded Robe

Sith Lord Plush Hooded Robe

Darth Vader Plush Hooded Robe

The Sith Lords need to kick back and relax too, I wonder what their choice of attire might be?

How about a robe that lets them be comfy but still shows off that that they are the leaders of the dark side.

This is an all black robe that has a hood on it and a tie string to keep closed, it features a white crest of the Sith Empire on the front.

This Star Wars Sith Lords hooded bath robe is available in a one size fits all and is made to be very warm and comfortable as it is made from a very soft material. It features two front pockets.

Robe up and wear this Star Wars Sith Lord Plush Hooded Robe.

buy Jedi Hooded Velour Robe

Jedi Hooded Velour Robe

Star Wars bath robe

Did you always dream of being a Jedi Knight from the Star Wars movies? Well, your dreams can come true when you put on this Jedi Knight hooded terry velour house coat.

This Jedi Knight bath robe is a replica of the Jedi Robe that the Jedi’s wore in the Star Wars movies with the Jedi logo on the left chest area. It has long flowing sleeves with two pockets in the front and a tie string around the waist.

It is made from 100% cotton for that soft comfy velour feel to lounge around the house and watch all your favorite Star Wars movies.

The force will be strong with you when you slip on this awesome Star Wars Jedi Knight Velour Robe.