buy Star Wars Helmets Blanket

Star Wars Helmets Blanket

Now there is this Star Wars Helmets Blanket.

If you like a nice comfy throw blanket and you like Star Wars then you should check out this blanket as it is nice and blue and on the blanket there are many rows full of helmets and it is not just from characters like Stormtroopers as there are also helmet from the famous droids on it. And besides all those helmets there is also the Star Wars logo on it.

This Star Wars blanket is 46 x 60 inches and it is made from 100% polyester.

A blanket like this is great for on the couch, bed, car, and even for in the park as it is a great blanket for a picnic.

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buy Grey Star Wars Logo Blanket

Grey Star Wars Logo Blanket

Now you can get this cool Grey Star Wars Logo Blanket.

This a Star Wars throw blanket made from 100% polyester and 46 x 60 inches in size.

As you can see the blanket is light gray in color and then on top of that, you can see lots of logos from the Rebels and the Galactic Empire and there is the Star Wars logo too as that makes it all complete. In between the logo’s, there are lines which look really cool as it really put it all together.

A throw blanket like this is great for any Star Wars fan that is in need of a fun blanket.

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buy Stormtrooper Throw Blanket

Stormtrooper Throw Blanket

If you are a Star Wars fan that likes to nap then this Stormtrooper blanket could be just what you need.

This blanket is black with on it an amazing image of a Stormtrooper witch of course looks stunning because of the black and white of the background and the Stormtrooper itself.

And this fleece throw blanket is 58 x 80 inch the perfect size for so many places like the bed, couch, chair or maybe for a picnic in the park.

Why go for plain when you can have an amazing blanket with a Stormtrooper on it, seems like the perfect blanket for any Star Wars fan.

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buy Darth Vader And Stormtrooper Blanket

Darth Vader And Stormtrooper Blanket

The dark side loves to keep you warm so Star Wars fans come check out this blanket and feel the heath of the dark side.

On this black blanket you can see in big letters “Star Wars” and besides that you will find Darth Vader in the middle with on his side two Stormtroopers ready to attack.

This plush throw blanket is 48 x 60 inch and would be great to have ready in locations that you could feel chilly. Couch, car or bed are all perfect spots for a Star Wars blanket like this one.

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buy Kylo Ren Fleece Blanket

Kylo Ren Fleece Blanket

This fleece blanket shows another dark lord and this time it is Kylo Ren wearing his famous black cloak and mask.

Kylo stands out on this black blanket that also has a logo in the background.

Why sleep or lounge under any blanket while you can have a blanket based on Star Wars The Force Awakens and Kylo Ren.

A blanket like this is great for naps on the couch or nights sleep in bed but can also be used for other tasks like a picnic in the park or waiting in line to see the latest Star Wars movie.

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buy Boba Fett Fleece Blanket

Boba Fett Fleece Blanket

“Now I lay me down to sleep..” with my space blaster ready!.. it’s a dangerous galaxy out there, especially for those in the biz!

What a great gift for Boba Fett fans. This 48″x60″ fleece blanket has the notorious bounty hunter’s likeness on the front with graphic color and stunning design. Gun still smoking from a recent shot, Boba Fett appears calm, cool and collected, in his signature green armor and helmet. On the top of the blanket is the Star Wars logo, and on the bottom we see Boba’s ship, capable of vertical lift -off with jet propulsion active.

Han Solo and Chewie better be on their best game to stay out of trouble with this sharp shooter. Get undercover and stay safe yourself.

This Star Wars blanket is great for keeping toasty during freezing cold nights and much more comfortable (and better smelling!) than slicing open a Tauntaun!

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