buy I Am A Stormtrooper Book

I Am A Stormtrooper Book

If your child likes Stormtroopers and reading then this I am a Stormtrooper book makes for a great gift.

The Star Wars kids book is part of the A Little Golden Book series and tells the story about Stormtroopers.

The Stormtrooper book is made for ages 2 – 5 and has 24 pages and makes for a great story to tell when bedtime comes and when they start to learn how to read they can read it themselves too.

A book always makes for a fun present and kids that love Star Wars will really enjoy this fun Star Wars I Am A Stormtrooper book from the A Little Golden Book series.

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buy Solo Ultimate Sticker Collection

Solo Ultimate Sticker Collection

If Han Solo is you favorite Star Wars character then you are loving his movie and now there is a Star Wars Solo Ultimate Sticker Collection.

The book is 72 pages and contains more then 1000 Star Wars all related to the Solo movie and besides the stickers it also includes many movie details making it fun to read for all the true Star Wars fans.

So now you can know things about the movie that most people that just saw the Solo do not know about and you can use all those sticker to decorate anything into Star Wars style and that is always fun.

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buy Star Wars ABC Book

Star Wars ABC Book

Kids Star Wars ABC Book

What would be more fun then learning the alphabet in Star Wars style?

I can’t come up with anything so lets talk about learning it the Star Wars way.

This is a kids book that learns the ABC one letter on each page and each letter is matched with something from Star Wars like a character or a ship and all that of course comes with fun art and even a small sentence to learn how to use the letter and the word.

And besides seeing Star Wars imagines even the letters are decorated to fit the scene making this just a super fun book for all the little once that like Star Wars.

Get your kids a surprise with this Kids Star Wars ABC Book.