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Yoda Bookend

Books need to stay in line and that is why there is this Yoda Bookend that belongs in the home of a Star Wars fan.

This Star Wars bookend is made from heavy-duty metal and it will fold around the first book so that it really looks like Master Yoda is using his powers to keep the books upstanding and neatly.

If you like books and Yoda then you really don’t need to think about this as it would look amazing on a shelve in your home or even in the office.

Because when you have this bookend you know that Yoda will also keep an eye on everything else in your home.

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buy Star Wars Logo Bookends

Star Wars Logo Bookends

Now you can have Star Wars bookends for your bookshelf.

This bookend set has two pieces and put together they are the Star Wars logo in black and yellow.

Just pull them apart and you can put all kind of things in between. Bookends are great to keeps books upright but work great with DVD’s to.

Just imagine how cool this bookend will look in your home and if you are a Star Wars fan then this is something you should not do without.

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buy Stormtrooper Bookends

Stormtrooper Bookends

These Star Wars bookends have Stormtrooper on them and that is a great way to make sure you books don’t fall over.

Books do not seem to want to stand and that is why these Stormtrooper bookends are perfect as these Star Wars soldiers brought their weapons and that will teach those book to keep standing.

Each of the Stormtroopers has a different pose and are 6.75 inch tall and are hand painted.

Just imagine having Star Wars bookends like this on your bookshelf, it sure is a lot nicer then those plain bookends that you can barely see.

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buy Limited Edition Imperial Seal Bookends

Limited Edition Imperial Seal Bookends

Get your next Limited Edition Star Wars piece of memorabilia before they run out. It’s the bookends that represent all that is not so good in the Star Wars world. It’s the Imperial Seal Bookends.

The Imperial Seal bookends, look exactly like an Imperial Seal cut right down the middle to create two bookends. They are black and white which makes them easy to add to any type of color combinations in any type of room.

There are only 1300 of these officially licensed Lucasfilm bookends made. They are individually numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity. Together the two bookends measure 5.85″ tall by 5.25″ wide by 2.75″ deep and they are hand painted to add a touch of uniqueness.

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