buy BB-8 Candy Bowl

BB-8 Candy Bowl

Now Star Wars fans with a sweet tooth can get this BB-8 Candy Bowl as it is perfect to hold lots of candy.

We all need a way to store all our candy and with Halloween we all need even more storage and if you like Star Wars then you are in luck because this candy holder is just cool for anyone that like droids.

The candy bowl looks and is shaped like the lower body of BB-8 and the candy bowl is made from durable plastic so that you can use if every year for Halloween and maybe around Christmas, Easter and other days you have a lot of candy lying around.

And the BB-8 candy bow is 7.5 inch tall making it a nice big candy holder.

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buy Boba Fett Candy Bowl Holder

Boba Fett Candy Bowl Holder

Now there is a Boba Fett candy bowl holder that looks like Boba is at your party handing out candy to the guests.

The figure of Boba Fett is 18 inches tall and looks just like the real bounty hunter and in his hands, you find a see-through bowl for candy.

Boba is perfect for a Star Wars themed party or for trick or treating at Halloween.

No longer there is a need for a boring bowl because now Boba Fett can hold all the candy you need for your party.

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buy R2-D2 And C-3PO Ceramic Bowl Set

R2-D2 And C-3PO Ceramic Bowl Set

The two Star Wars droids of R2-D2 and C-3PO are always trying  to help out, now they are both ready to hold and serve for you, from cereal to chips and candy have a look at this ceramic bowl set.

This bowl set features a bowl that looks like the face of C-3PO all golden and shiny with two eyes and 3D features. It will hold 3 1/4 cups and measures 5 1/2 inches at the top diameter x 3 1/2 inches tall.

The R2-D2 bowl looks like the top armor of the blue detail with lens, camera and red light. This ceramic bowl will hold 4 3/4 cups, it measures 6 1/2 inches at the top diameter x 3 3/4 inches tall.

What a great combination and set of Star Wars bowls for your next party or movie marathon.

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buy Ceramic Darth Vader Mask Candy Bowl

Ceramic Darth Vader Mask Candy Bowl

Ceramic Darth Vader Mask Candy Bowl

Do you need a large bowl to hold your never ending supply of candy? Do you eat and breathe Star Wars? What ever could we find that would put these two loves together? WHAT? Yes! A Darth Vader Candy Bowl is just what you need.

The bowl is shaped like Darth Vader’s mask with the opening at the top of the mask. It is painted black with a glossy finish.

This fantastic candy bowl measures 8″ wide by 9″ long by 6.5″ tall. It is made of ceramic and portrays Star Wars’ Darth Vader in fine fashion.

Keep your candy under Darth`s watch with the Ceramic Darth Vader Mask Candy Bowl.