buy Trust Me I’m A Jedi Car Magnet

Trust Me I’m A Jedi Car Magnet

Star Wars fans with a car should check out this Trust Me I’m A Jedi Car Magnet and if you don’t have a car then find something else metal.

This is a 3 x 10 inch magnet that is black in color and on it in white text it says “Trust Me I’m A Jedi” and it even is in the slant we see in the end titles of the Star Wars movies.

This Star Wars magnet is UV and water resistant and will not fade, crack or peel. And don’t worry it will stay on your car even at high speed.

Besides cars, you can have this Star Wars magnet on almost any metal surface that can use a Star Wars detail.

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buy Aim Like A Jedi Not Like A Stormtrooper Toilet Decal

Aim Like A Jedi Not Like A Stormtrooper Toilet Decal

Do your boys have problems aiming when standing to pee? If you have this problem in your home then this toilet decal is what you need.

The Star Wars decal just goes on the inside of the toilet lid and says “Aim Like A Jedi Not Like A Stormtrooper” and has a Stormtrooper’s face on it to.

It’s funny and may do the trick although the first time a man sees it aiming maybe different as they are laughing.

You can get this Star Wars toilet decal in blue and silver to fit perfectly with your toilet seat.

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buy Jedi Hooded Velour Robe

Jedi Hooded Velour Robe

Star Wars bath robe

Did you always dream of being a Jedi Knight from the Star Wars movies? Well, your dreams can come true when you put on this Jedi Knight hooded terry velour house coat.

This Jedi Knight bath robe is a replica of the Jedi Robe that the Jedi’s wore in the Star Wars movies with the Jedi logo on the left chest area. It has long flowing sleeves with two pockets in the front and a tie string around the waist.

It is made from 100% cotton for that soft comfy velour feel to lounge around the house and watch all your favorite Star Wars movies.

The force will be strong with you when you slip on this awesome Star Wars Jedi Knight Velour Robe.

buy Trust Me I’m A Jedi T-Shirt

Trust Me I’m A Jedi T-Shirt

Trust Me I'm A Jedi T-Shirt Star Wars t-shirt

There we have the t-shirt that will prove it to the world that your are a Jedi.

This black Star Wars t-shirt shows in yellow print the words “Trust Me, I’m A JEDI” and Jedi is printed in a huge Star Wars logo kind of font. And then below the text your can see in white a picture of a lightsaber.

All the print on this t-shirt has a distressed look so that it looks like you are a Jedi for a long time now.

This Star Wars t-shirt is black and comes in a wide range of sizes from Small all the way to 5XL.

If you have problems convincing people that you are a Jedi then don’t wait order this Star Wars Trust Me I’m A Jedi T-Shirt.