buy Star Wars R2-D2 Pendant Necklace

Star Wars R2-D2 Pendant Necklace

Star Wars R2-D2 Necklace And Pendant

Star Wars fans it is time to spice up your jewelry with the loveable R2-D2, he is always there to help C-3PO and he can always be along side you.

This is a necklace and pendant that features the top portion of the classic Star Wars character R2-D2, with detailed design of the buttons and lights this will be a very cool necklace that all Star Wars fans can appreciate.

Made from durable metal the R2-D2 pendant measures 1 1/4 inches x 3/4 inches and the chain is 20 inches long and also comes with a 3 inch extender piece.

Add some geekiness to your jewelry box with the Star Wars R2-D2 Necklace And Pendant.

buy R2-D2 Royal Mod Ring

R2-D2 Royal Mod Ring

R2-D2 Royal Mod Ring

Star Wars fans can now have their favorite droid around their fingers.

This ring has a nice big picture of R2-D2 the robot we all know and love from the Star Wars movies. A special piece of jewelry like this of course need the attention it deserves so I would say put one on your finger.

This women’s ring is made white metal and is rhodium silver plated and the band can be adjusted to fit your finger the way it should.

This ring is great to wear everyday or when you hang out with your geeky friends.

Come and admire this Star Wars R2-D2 Women’s Ring.

buy Star Wars Stormtrooper Earrings

Star Wars Stormtrooper Earrings

Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet Earrings

Earrings are a way to show you style and things you like.

So if you are a big Star Wars fan then maybe some earrings matching that would be great.

And now you can with these Stormtrooper earrings.

The earrings just show the famous white helmet of these fears army men.

Earrings like this may not be the once you want for a fancy party or a job interview but besides that a piece of Star Wars in your ears is just great fun.

So why not add some Star Wars jewelry to your collection.

But start with taking a closer look at these Star Wars Stormtrooper Earrings.