buy Kids BB-8 Sneakers With Lights

Kids BB-8 Sneakers With Lights

If your child loves BB-8 and needs new shoes then these cool Star Wars sneakers are perfect.

These shoes come in many toddlers and little kids sizes and look amazing.

The BB-8 shoes even have lights built in the light up with every step taken.

And yes these Star Wars shoes are grey, white, and orange just like BB-8 and there is BB-8 on the side and on the top strap that also has the name of this Star Wars droid on it.

It’s easy to have a happy child just surprise them with these cool Star Wars sneakers.

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buy Kids Rey And BB-8 Pajama Set

Kids Rey And BB-8 Pajama Set

If you child loves Star Wars like anything else then this Star Wars pajama set is what you want to surprise them with.

This Star Wars pajama comes in white or grey in many kids sizes so that many boys and girls can enjoy wearing one.

On the pajama pants you can find the rebel and Star Wars logo in circles and on the long sleeve shirt you can find Rey and BB-8 walking around with spacecrafts in the sky and yes the Star Wars logo is there to.

Available in kids sizes 4 – 10 you just have to pick the right size and you child will soon dream of all the Star Wars adventures they love.

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buy Kids R2-D2 Sketchers Shoes

Kids R2-D2 Sketchers Shoes

If you child is crazy about Star Wars then these R2-D2 Sketchers shoes could be just what you need.

These shoes come in many kids sizes so that kids ages 1 – 8 are covered and some models (ages 4 and up) even have light and sound to make them looks an sound even more like the famous Star Wars droid R2-D2.

These sneaker styles shoes have rubber soles and are made from leather and textile so that they last and they have velcro to make it easy for the kids to put on their own R2-D2 shoes.

No more boring shoes for the little Star Wars fan in your life as these shoes are so much cooler and way more fun.

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buy Kids Wittle Wookiee T-Shirt

Kids Wittle Wookiee T-Shirt

Even if you don’t drive a Millennium Falcon, live on Tatooine or even own a lightsaber, you are still going to want to get this t-shirt for the little Jedi in your life.

A orange-yellow is the color of this t-shirt and the graphic is oh so cute. There is a little cartoon Chewbacca and in large white letters it says, “W is for Wookiee”. It is fantastic and your little one is going to love it.

This kids t-shirt ranges in sizes from 2T to 4T, just right for your little wookies. It is made from a cotton and polyester blend for the added durability your tyke needs when training to be come a Jedi.

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buy B Is For Boba Fett Kids T-Shirt

B Is For Boba Fett Kids T-Shirt

So, what do you get your wee one, when “C” is for cookie, just doesn’t cut it anymore. I mean, first of all.. have we even decided on the letter’s preceding “C”? And, why cookies? Do we really want kids to constantly think of doing damage to their teeth? This just doesn’t make sense.

Well, don’t worry because, this t-shirt will solve all your concerns in this regard! Quite simple, “B” is for “Boba Fett”! Your toddler will love you for it, while he is mastering the early part of the alphabet!

Keep it simple! The t-shirt is great! It comes with a perfectly adorable cartoon rendition of Mr. Boba Fett and has the large lettering stating “B is for Boba Fett!” Just perfect!

Available in toddler sizes 2T – 4T, in a brilliant cotton/poly blend (50% each)! Your little guy or gal is gonna look interstellar sporting this awesome top. The force is strong and the choice is simple!

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buy Kids Kylo Ren Light Up Shoes

Kids Kylo Ren Light Up Shoes

If you child is crazy about Star Wars and love to have shoes that light up then you are in luck because now there are Kylo Ren sneakers that have a lightsaber on it that lights up with every step you take.

These kids shoes are black and red and have an image on the outside of Kylo Ren and Stormtroopers. Kylo is also holding up his lightsaber and that one will light up when you walk.

On the inside the shoes say “Kylo Ren” to make them even more Star Wars approved.

You can get these Star Wars boys shoes in sizes 1 M – 13.5 M so that they can really enjoy being part of Star Wars Episode 7.

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buy Rey And BB-8 Kids T-Shirt

Rey And BB-8 Kids T-Shirt

Does your little girl love Star Wars as much as you do?

If so then this Star Wars t-shirt could be perfect for her.

The light blue shirt shows an image of BB-8 and and image of Rey right next to each other and above them the Star Wars logo in a glittery kinda look.

This Rey and BB-8 t-shirt comes in kids sizes 7 – 16 and is made from 100% cotton.

And of course the shirt is all themed around Star Wars The Force Awakens movie and that makes it an even bigger surprise for your child.

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buy Y Is For Yoda T-Shirt

Y Is For Yoda T-Shirt

Learning the alphabet doesn’t have to be a drag, and can bring light into everyone around! This “Y is for Yoda” t-shirt is sure to be hit with everyone that is in full view of it!

Yoda is represented in a very kid friendly way, a bright cheerful color, with a simplified cartoon like and cute image, showing his six fingers and toes (which would be fun to count with your toddler too, for added learning opportunities)!

If I was to ask someone what is more cheerful than a “Mr. Happy” t-shirt, the clear winner in this galaxy would be a “Y is for Yoda!” toddler top. Great to wear year round, at home our about!

Keep your little guy or gal smiling, and bringing the smiles with this adorable and fun piece of clothing that everyone will love! The force is strong with this one!

Just don’t be too surprised when he/she randomly speaks “Da-go-bah”! Jedi-speak (s)he will!

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buy Kids Stormtrooper Glitchy T-Shirt

Kids Stormtrooper Glitchy T-Shirt

All kids like the Star Wars movies and characters and who wouldn’t. They are super interesting and fight in space. Oooooo. If your getting your little one a new t-shirt better make it this one. They will be so happy.

This t-shirt is all black except for the graphic on the front. The graphic is black and white, but wait! It looks like there is a glitch in the graphic. There is a picture of a white Stormtrooper, but the glitch is turning the graphic into a black Darth Vader. How exciting!

This kid’s t-shirt comes in four youth sizes Small (7-8), Medium (9-10), Large (11-12) and XL (14-16). It is made of 100% cotton which is perfect for growing and rambunctious kids.

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buy Kids 4 Piece Star Wars Pajama Set

Kids 4 Piece Star Wars Pajama Set

If you child loves Star Wars then this sleep set will be a big hit.

Not one but two pajamas can be found in this set.

On pajama looks like a Stormtrooper costume but then decorated with tags from the rebellion and the other black pyjama is covered in Stormtrooper helmets and logo’s of Star Wars and the Empire.

And you know what is nice you can mix them up wearing the black pajama pants with the white pajama shirt.

This Star Wars Pajama set is made from 100% cotton and is available in juvenile sizes 4, 6 and 8.

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