buy BB-8 Kitchen Timer

BB-8 Kitchen Timer

If you like to cook and you like Star Wars then this BB-8 kitchen timer is what you need.

The Star Wars kitchen timer looks like BB-8 but he is not completely round this time but comes on a nice base and that way he can’t roll away while you cook.

Just turn the top of BB-8 and set it to the time you need for cooking. The BB-8 kitchen timer can time between 1 and 60 minutes and will bleep when it is time.

The Star Wars kitchen timer runs on AAA batteries and they are included so that you can start cooking as soon as you BB-8 timer arrives.

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Death Star Kitchen Timer

If you want to keep track of your cooking Star Wars style then this Death Star kitchen timer is what you need.

No need for a smartphone to tell you that your cooking is ready because the Death Star has you covered.

Just set the kitchen timer between 1 and 59 minutes and when it’s time you will hear it. And the Star Wars kitchen timer does not need any batteries so it’s always ready to help you.

The Death Star has a diameter of 4 inch and just looks great with amazing details to make it feel like someone shrank the real Death Star and put it in you kitchen.

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R2-D2 Kitchen Timer

Star Wars R2-D2 cooking timer

Do you always ask yourself how long has your lunch or dinner has been cooking in the oven?

Well, don’t wonder any more because put this cool Star Wars R2-D2 kitchen timer on your counter and you will always be reminded your food is ready to come out of the oven.

R2-D2 is known to everyone as a long time companion of C3-PO and the Jedi Knights.

This cool R2-D2 cooking timer is in the shape and looks exactly like the cute little robot R2-D2 from Star Wars with rubber on the bottom of his feet to help him stay in place on the counter.

It winds up to 60 minutes with one minutes intervals so just set it to the time you need then you can sit back and relax while you wait.

Let R2-D2 in to your life of cooking with this cool Star Wars R2-D2 Kitchen Timer.