buy Millennium Falcon Lunch Box

Millennium Falcon Lunch Box

Now there is this metal Millennium Falcon Lunch Box that is great for Star Wars fans to eat their lunch out of.

This Star Wars lunch box is metal and you can get it in a bunch of colors to make it more personal to you and you can even pick just a stainless finish. And to make this lunch box cool there is a big picture of the Millennium Falcon and it is flying in space and there is also the Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker logo on it.

Taking lunch to school or work becomes cool again when you bring it in this neat lunch box.

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buy Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

Wake up and smell the waffles with a very cool kitchen appliance a Star Wars Millennium Falcon waffle maker.

This is a waffle maker that is red and stainless steel in color with the official Star Wars logo on top. On the inside there is a very detailed hot plate that will transform your regular boring waffles into a cool spaceship of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon.

You can easily remove the waffles as the Star Wars Millennium Falcon waffle maker is made from a very durable stainless steel that has a coated non-stick waffle plate. This is an officially licensed Star Wars waffle maker that measures 7 3/4 inches x 9 1/2 inches x 4 3/4 inches.

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buy Millennium Falcon Neck Tie

Millennium Falcon Neck Tie

Now you can dress up in Star Wars style all thanks to this Millennium Falcon Neck Tie.

This is not just any Star Wars tie as this one is available in whole bunch of colors and you should go check them all out by clicking on the picture of the neck tie.

On the tie you can see some images of the Millennium Falcon and the spaceship can be seen in different sizes and sides so that it really looks cool.

And this Star Wars tie is nice and long so that everyone can wear it and look stunning doing so. If you need to wear a suite but like Star Wars better then this could be what you should try to wear.

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buy Star Wars Logo Millennium Falcon Pajama Pants

Star Wars Logo Millennium Falcon Pajama Pants

Now you can get Star Wars logo and Millennium Falcon pajama pants.

These men’s pajama’s come in men’s sizes Small – 2XL and are made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

On the pajama pants you can find the Star Wars logo on the left leg and above the logo it shows the Millennium Falcon.

And you can get this sleepwear in two versions, one shows the print in a cool galaxy like print and the other has the same design only the background in the logo and spaceship have a different print.

Lounging on the weekend or a nice sleep these pajama pants are just perfect and super comfy.

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buy Millennium Falcon T-Shirt

Millennium Falcon T-Shirt

If you want a cool Star Wars t-shirt then you should check out this Millennium Falcon t-shirt.

You can get this Star Wars t-shirt in styles for men and women and it is available in many colors and in sizes Small – 2XL.

On the t-shirt you can see the famous spaceship that Han Solo uses to fly through the galaxy with his buddy Chewbacca and now you can have that t-shirt.

As said before the shirt shows a spaceship and yes it is a Millennium Falcon on the shirt and it is pointing up like it is ready fly away.

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buy Millenium Falcon Necklace

Millenium Falcon Necklace

If you are a true Star Wars that likes some fun jewelry then you should check out this Millenium Falcon necklace.

The necklace is 18 inches long with a 3 inch extender and then there is the pendant that looks like the real Millennium Falcon only a lot smaller then the real falcon as this one is 1 1/2 x 1 inches.

I am sure that Han Solo would like a necklace like this so that his Millennium Falcon is always there for hem when ever he want to start flying around the galaxy.

The metal Star Wars jewelry is officially licensed so Han Solo approves.

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buy Solo Baby Bodysuit

Solo Baby Bodysuit

If your baby is a young Star Wars fan in the making then you should surprise it with this Solo baby bodysuit.

The Star Wars baby bodysuit shows the galaxy in the background and the on top it says “Solo” in big worn looking orange letter and the first O in Han Solo’s name is the Millennium Falcon.

You can get this Han Solo bodysuit in black or navy and it comes in sizes 6 – 24 months and it is made from 100% jersey cotton.

So now you can dress your child in Star Wars style and that is what every Star Wars fan wants young and old.

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buy Millennium Falcon And Rey Dinner Plate

Millennium Falcon And Rey Dinner Plate

Now food can be served on this Millennium Falcon and Rey dinner plate.

The Star Wars plate has a diameter of 10 inches and is made from BPA free Melamine plastic that is dishwasher safe.

On the amazing plate you can see the Millenium Falcon flying through the sky and on the landscape below it you can see Rey practicing her Jedi skills and on her side, you can see a Porg watching her.

So now any meal you like to eat can be served in Star Wars style dinner plate and as it is plastic it is strong to make it resilient enough for your little Jedi’s.

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buy Millennium Falcon Coaster Set

Millennium Falcon Coaster Set

Coasters are perfect at keeping your tables clean of marks and now there is this Millennium Falcon coaster set.

The Star Wars coasters are made from glass and each coaster shows a layer of the Millennium Falcon and that make these coaster amazing as they stacked they show a 3D image of the Millenium Falcon.

The Star Wars coasters are 4 inches square and just looke great on your table in use and even better when they are stacked as a 3D spacecraft.

Star Wars fans just deserve these cool coasters so maybe this is the time to add them to your collection.

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buy Giant Millennium Falcon Pool Float

Giant Millennium Falcon Pool Float

If you are looking for a fun float for the pool then you have to check out t his Millenium Falcon pool float as it looks amazing and it is huge.

The Star Wars pool float looks just like the Millenium Falcon from the Star Wars movies only this time it needs to blow up and inside you only find air.

And this pool float is huge as it 5 feet long and 46 inches wide.

Rated ages 5+ this float is just fun to play on or just float around and relax on the water.

Any Star Wars fan with access to a pool just needs to own this Millenium Falcon float.

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