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Star Wars 40th Anniversary Edition

Now you can play Monopoly in a movie style all thanks to this Star Wars 40th Anniversary Edition.

The Star Wars monopoly is like a normal monopoly game only with special cards, streets, piece and everything else so now you just need to make sure that you that you will be getting the most cash you can because that is the meaning of the game.

A Star Wars board game needs special play pieces and they are based on the 1977 Star Wars movie so you want to come and check it out by clicking on the picture of the game as it has more details.

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Star Wars Monopoly

This Star Wars Monopoly is a special edition to a classic board.

This time the Monopoly board is not square but kinda round and it has special play pieces of with two are based on the Star Wars The Force Awakens movie. You can play this Monopoly game with two to four players and you can choose you play piece from Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Luck Skywalker and Finn.

Now you can hang out with friends playing for hours a game we all know but now can enjoy in a new Star Wars based version.

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