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Boba Fett Pizza Cutter

What is the perfect food for watching a Star Wars movie?

Yes pizza of course and if you like Boba Fett then this pizza cutter can cut that perfect Star Wars pizza for you.

This pizza cutter looks like Boba Fett with the typical green handle with costume details from Boba and that is not all this pizza cutter even has Star Wars sound in it so that cutting the pizza becomes even more fun.

Just imagine cutting pizza and you pizza cutter says “As you wish” just like you expect Boba Fett to say. It’s all going to happen if you had this pizza cutter in your possession.

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Lightsaber Pizza Cutter

Can you imagine how well you can cut a pizza with a Lightsaber from Star Wars?

And now you can use Darth Vader’s Lightsaber to cut you pizza as this is a Lightsaber pizza cutter.

Sorry but this pizza cutter does not have the normal Lightsaber blade but just the normal round metal disc but it still has the handle of the Lightsaber used by Darth Vader and it has a button to make it sound real to.

Pizza and a movie night will be extra special when you watch Star Wars and cut you pizza with this special pizza cutter.

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R2-D2 Pizza Cutter

Star Wars R2-D2 Pizza Wheel.

That clever R2-D2! Always there to give a hand! Or.. an arc welder, an interface arm, or a space-craft linkage controller, a circular saw.. or, or.. you get the idea! Now you can have the fun of an Artoo inspired pizza cutter in your own kitchen, and you can continue to directly enjoy his cheerful helping nature!

This novelty chef’s tool is perfect for any pizza fan, Star Wars aficionado, R2-D2 lover – or all of the above! What makes it great, is it is actually practical. It cuts great pizza!

Outside of bearing the colors (and markings) of our beloved droid (the one we are looking for!) this great device further brings the spirit of Star Wars home with an Artoo sound effect that occurs when it is pressed down! He had some of the best lines in the movie, and his sense of humor (and timing) is impeccable! Pizza night is better with R2-D2!

You know the quality is there with this is officially licensed Star Wars product. This Artoo kitchen item is approximately 9 inches in length.

Reach for your own Sound FX enabled R2-D2 Pizza Wheel.