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Death Star Popcorn Maker

What does the kitchen of a Star Wars fan needs? Yes, this Death Star popcorn maker.

The popcorn maker looks like a Death Star Figure on a black stand but when you remove the top half the popcorn maker comes out and the top of the popcorn maker can be the serving bowl that now also looks like the Death Star.

Made specially for fans of the Dark Side the Death Star popcorn maker is just what you need and you can even use some Empire Dark Side Popcorn to make it even better.

No more microwave popcorn for you all thanks to Star Wars and the Death Star.

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R2-D2 Popcorn Maker

Now R2-D2 will help you get fresh popcorn as this is an R2-D2 popcorn maker.

Star Wars fans that love fresh popcorn are in luck as this hot air popcorn maker looks like R2-D2 in blue and white and a clear dome on the top.

Just put you popcorn kernels in the top and turn it on and in not time at all fresh popcorn will start popping up from the top.

Making popcorn is way healthier than you think and using a popcorn maker like this is much better than microwave popcorn and you can make as much as you like.

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