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Lots Of Lightsabers Skirt

Star Wars fans can now wear this fun Lots Of Lightsabers Skirt.

The women’s Star Wars skirt is a skater style skirt that is black and covered in many lightsabers in many colors.

You can get this lightsaber skirt in women’s sizes Small – 3XL and all are made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

A skirt like this is a great everyday short skirt and would even work as part of a fun Star Wars costume.

Wear this skirt and people will know that you are a true Star Wars fan because these lightsabers are impossible to miss.

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buy Boba Fett Tutu Skirt

Boba Fett Tutu Skirt

Star Wars fans that like to look amazing this Halloween should check out this Boba Fett Tutu Skirt.

This skirt may not be something you wear to work but if you like a fun Halloween out fit then this tutu skirt is a great way to make you look like a much better Boba Fett than the bounty hunter in the Star Wars movies.

The skirt is green and has sparkles and it has like what looks like a brown belt with a Boba buckle which makes it all just perfect for a cosplay or Halloween costume.

So if you like to be Boba Fett then come check this skirt out.

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buy BB-8 Skater Style Skirt

BB-8 Skater Style Skirt

If you want to look a bit like a Star Wars droid then wearing this BB-8 skirt would be a great start.

This officially licensed Star Wars skirt is white with orange and grey detail making it look like BB-8 and that makes this a great dress for everyday as it does not say Star Wars or as part of your BB-8 costume for cosplay or Halloween.

And this skater styles BB-8 skirt is available in many women’s sizes so that it likely is going to fit you like you want.

The BB-8 Star Wars skirt is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex and is machine washable.

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buy Rebel Or Empire Choose Your Path Skirt

Rebel Or Empire Choose Your Path Skirt

This Star Wars skirt is for the women that can’t choose between the Empire or the Rebels.

The white skirt shows half the logo of the Galactic Empire in red and half the Rebel Alliance logo in blue and they connect so that it almost looks like one logo. The logo’s have some paint splatters around it to as like they where in a battle.

You can find the same image on both the front and back of this pencil skirt.

You can get this women’s Star Wars skirt in sizes XXSmall – 2XL and the skirt is made from 82% Polyester and 18% Elastane and has an elastic waist.

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buy R2-D2 Pencil Skirt

R2-D2 Pencil Skirt

If you are a Star Wars fan in need of a fun skirt then this R2-D2 pencil skirt could be perfect for you.

The skirt is white and shows blue shapes and a red dot on it giving it the feeling that you are wearing R2-D2 and besides the front the image can also be found on the back.

A fun R2-D2 skirt is something a true Star Wars fan need in their wardrobe. The skirt is available in women’s sizes XXSmall – 2XL and is made from 82% Polyester, 18% Elastane. The Star Wars skirt also has an elastic waistband for ultimate comfort while wearing it.

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buy Darth Vader Tutu Skirt

Darth Vader Tutu Skirt

Are you looking to show off your nerdy Star Wars side in a sexy stylish way? If so have a very close look at this super cute mini tutu skirt.

This is an all black skirt that is a tutu style, a fine mesh mini skirt that has a shiny silver trim on the bottom and a solid black underlay skirt. It also features a printed waist band that has all of the Dark Lord Darth Vader features of his belt to make it look like you are wearing the belt.

The Star Wars Darth Vader tutu skirt will fit a large range of sizes, two sizes to choose from Small/meduim and Large/XL and is a total of 15 inches in length.

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buy Star Wars Classic Fight Scene Skirt

Star Wars Classic Fight Scene Skirt

Star Wars Classic Fight Scene Skirt

Show off your cute nerdy side in style with a classic Star Wars Skirt.

On this skirt you will see one of the classic scences from the popular series of movies Star Wars, find lasers streaking across, ships like the Millenium Falcon and X-Wings as well as the Death Star and the rest of the skirt is a dark color with stars.

Made to be durable and very comfortable as it has an elastic stretchy waistband and the best part is YES! it has pockets, a skirt with pockets.

Available in a wide selection of women’s sizes that range from Small to 3XL.

Look cute in the Star Wars Classic Fight Scene In Space Skirt.

buy Lightsaber Women’s Skirt

Lightsaber Women’s Skirt

Now you there is this special Star Wars skirt that will be noticed by all the true fans.

The black skirt is fully lined and shows a whole lot of lightsabers in neat lines next to each other giving this skirt lots of color and of course lots of lightsabers.

You can get this Star Wars skirt in many women’s junior sizes ranging from XSmall – 5XL.

So if you neat the perfect outfit that is Star Wars themed but not a costume then maybe this special skirt will be a perfect piece.

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