buy Star Wars Tape

Star Wars Tape

Star Wars Tape

We all use tape to stick things together or fix things but often this is just boring see through tape.

But if you are a Star Wars fan then you can want to take a look at this special Star Wars tape.

This 50 feet long roll of black tape is covered in logo’s that we all know from the Star Wars franchise. Yes the Rebel Alliance and the Imperial logo’s are there and of course it says Star Wars on the tape to.

Just imagine the fun you can have with this tape. Make a boring binder into a Star Wars binder, fix you broken phone with a piece of Star Wars tape.

You know there are limitless opportunities for this tape so don’t wait order your Star Wars Logo Tape.

buy Star Wars Death Star Leggings

Star Wars Death Star Leggings

Women's death star leggings from Star Wars

These women’s leggings are nog for everyone but if you like Star Wars then they could be perfect for you.

These leggings have a purple color background that looks like a galaxy far away and on one leg you can see the Death Star and on the other simply the words “Star Wars” in their typical font but see through so that the galaxy stays visible.

Made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex these women’s leggings are just perfect to put emphasis on your legs. And you can get these Star Wars leggings in sizes Small – 2XL.

Why go for plain when you can have Star Wars Death Star Leggings.

buy Star Wars Logo Patch

Star Wars Logo Patch

Do you want to make something cool by putting a Star Wars logo on it?

How about this clothing patch that can be just ironed on to any kind of fabric.

Now your pants, shirts, cap, bags can all look cool just because of this embroidered Star Wars patch.

The clothing patch is 9.3 x 4.3 cm and can be just ironed on or sown on if you prefer that.

You have to admit that now almost anything can be cool Star Wars merchandise and all your friends are gone go like wow where did you buy that Star Wars item.

Get your Star Wars Logo Patch

buy Star Wars Space Battle Leggings

Star Wars Space Battle Leggings

Women's Star Wars Space Battle Leggings

Star Wars fans love their space battles and now female fans can enjoy some amazing leggings that have a Star Wars battle happening on them.

These black Star Wars leggings have besides the Star Wars logo also the Death Star, X-wing starfighter and the TIE Advanced x1 can be found in battle on these women’s leggings.

These Star Wars leggings come in sizes Small – XLarge and just are a piece of art by themselves.

These leggings are just great like this or with a fun dress, shorts or skirt.

Show the world your love of Star Wars by simply wearing these Star Wars Space Battle Leggings.

buy Star Wars Logo Hair Bow

Star Wars Logo Hair Bow

Star Wars Logo Hair Bow

Do you use clips to keep your hair in place?

How about a new hair bow with alligator clip?

If you are a big Star Wars fan then you will love the hair bow as it is white and covered in the Star Wars logo in black. It is just a nice and pretty bow for in your pretty hair.

The Star Wars bow is about 4.5 inch long and 2.5 inch wide and just works with almost anything your wear.

No more boring clips and bows in your hair because you can now just enjoy a piece of Star Wars with you all the time with this Star Wars Logo Hair Bow.

buy Star Wars Neon Yoga Pants

Star Wars Neon Yoga Pants

Star Wars yogo Pants

Yoga pants are great for like yoga and besides that great for almost any other occasion.

And if you like Star Wars then you may like these Star Wars yoga pants.

The pants are light grey with a black waist band. On the front you can see a picture of Darth Vader, Princess Leia, R2-D2, Yoda, C3PO and a Stormtrooper and that picture is a neon color. And then on the side of one pant leg it says Star Wars in big letters and those are again in fun neon colors.

These Star Wars yoga pants are made from 94% cotton and 6% spandex witch of course is great for all those yoga moves. And these yoga pants come in sizes Small – 2XL.

Get ready to be comfortable in these Star Wars Neon Yoga Pants.

buy Star Wars Poster Calendar 2015

Star Wars Poster Calendar 2015

Star Wars Poster Calendar 2015

2015 will become an amazing year specially if you have this amazing Star Wars calendar.

This is a poster calendar from Star Wars with 13 exclusive Star Wars posters and of course an amazing calendar grid to.

And this wall calendar has a rind bound so that you can nicely switch months without damaging the amazing art.

Like any good Star Wars calendar it of course has all the important character like Han Solo, Yoda and many more.

You just need to start looking for the right spot for an epic calendar like this one because the 2015 Star Wars calendar just deserves the best spot in the house.

Come and take a closer look at his Star Wars Poster Calendar 2015.

buy Star Wars Darth Vader Candle

Star Wars Darth Vader Candle

Star Wars Darth Vader Cake Candle

Are you baking the perfect Star Wars cake?

If you are then it deserves the perfect Star Wars cake candle.

And we found you that. This oval candle shows you Darth Vader with his red Lightsaber and next to him the words  “Star Wars.

Now any cake can become a Star Wars cake and that is of course what you need for the next birthday on the calendar.

Just any cake can use this candle but of course it works even better on a cake for a Star Wars themed birthday party.

Come and take a closer look at this Star Wars Darth Vader Cake Candle.

buy Star Wars Darth Vader Purse

Star Wars Darth Vader Purse

Star Wars Darth Vader hand bag

Watch out lady Star Wars fans because Darth Vader is coming to you on this cool new Star Wars Darth Vader hand bag.

This Darth Vader Purse features a picture of the powerful Sith Lord Darth Vader from the chest up with black and white print graphics all around him and “Vader” written across his chest. This is on both sides of the purse. The Star Wars bag has   a red glittery top, two black handles and a zipper closure.

You can use this Star Wars hand bag for your everyday purse or even as a lunch bag to bring your lunch to work or school.

May the force be with whoever crosses your path when your using this cool Star Wars Darth Vader Hand Bag.

buy Star Wars Logo T-Shirt

Star Wars Logo T-Shirt

Star Wars Logo T-Shirt

The Star Wars logo is famous and now you can have this classic movie logo on a t-shirt.

And the logo has a worn look and even the blue is a bit lighter then navy giving it all a older look and that makes it better.

And if you don’t like blue you can even get this Star Wars t-shirt in a charcoal black.

If movies are your thing then this t-shirt should be in your collection and that is why the offer this shirt in sizes Small – 2XL so that many of us can find the perfect fit.

Don’t wait come and get your Star Wars Logo T-Shirt.