buy Winter Yoda Tote Bag

Winter Yoda Tote Bag

Star Wars Winter Yoda Tote Bag

There are Christmas Elves, Grinches, People who come from the Stars, and then there is Yoda.

I mean if you want the coolest and funniest thing to tote your Christmas gear around this year.. this is the bag for you. Star Wars is sometimes associated with Christmas, and when Yoda is dressed in his little knitted hat, with snow flakes falling all around, it is clear that this is great for the yule-tide season!

You know, sometimes when you are wondering if you should be getting gifts for yourself, or getting gifts for your friends, you have to decide. “Help them you can..” If you wield the force, seemingly you can do both! Even when the future is unclear, with the Force by your side (in handy tote form) anything is possible.

You really like this little Yoda in a knit hat. I mean, it’s Yoda, in a knit hat!

If you think Luke has cool hands, his master has a cooler (yet toasty warm) head – let other’s see via your useful yule-tide tote.

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