buy Wookie Mode T-Shirt

Wookie Mode T-Shirt

Wookie Mode T-Shirt

We’ve all been there! Maybe we didn’t eat our wheaties! Maybe we did eat our cornflakes, but they tasted a little off.. Maybe Scorpio is in retrograde! Maybe, we are just made that way! Well, blend your awesome mood swings with a piece of epic Star Wars cool, with this primo “Wookie Mode” T-Shirt!

Check out the hilarious side-spitting imagery of Chewbacca going Ape (or full-on Primal Wookie)! Don’t you fee this way internally sometimes? Don’t you wish there was a comical way you could express this to the world (Freud would call using art to express your turmoil “Sublimation” – we call it “Awesome”!)

Your Wookie Mode (since 1977) T-Shirt is available in a wide array of sizes from Small – 6XL to fit all sizes and ages of Wookies (Wookiees)! Be charming when you get cranky or have a fit, or simply be stubborn to the max with a roar and do it with flair in your Wookie Mode casual wear.

Wookie me! Wookie you! Grab your own hilarious Star Wars Wookie Mode T-Shirt.