buy Yoda Claus Christmas Stocking

Yoda Claus Christmas Stocking

Star Wars yoda Christmas stocking

Christmas is always around the corner and it might soon be time to look for a Christmas stocking to hang on you fireplace.

Well you can stop looking cause here we have the perfect Star Wars Yoda Claus Christmas stocking for you.

This cool looking stocking will make Jedi fans quite happy. Master Yoda is one of the most popular Jedi Master and responsible for training over 800 years now. As Yoda would say “A very Merry Christmas you will”.

The Star Wars Yoda Christmas Stocking features a picture of Yoda wearing a Santa jacket and hat standing outside in the snow covering the front of the stocking.

The Star Wars Christmas stocking is 17.5 inches high so lots of room to fill with all your favorite Star Wars trinkets.

Fill up your own Star Wars Santa Yoda Christmas Stocking.