buy Yoda Live Long And Prosper T-Shirt

Yoda Live Long And Prosper T-Shirt

Star Wars Yoda Live Long And Prosper T-Shirt

The questions most unanswered are located along the “Why (‘Y’) Axis” – they transcend the mundane. Some find meaning through Yoga. Some find culture (and good tummy hygiene) through Yogurt… But no one can question the guiding wisdom of Master Yoda!

“Live Long and Prosper” is the message of a famous Vulcan, and Spock’s blessing to us is echoed timelessly on this “Trek” / “Wars” crossover shirt. A benevolent benediction completed by Yoda – shown on this t-shirt displaying the accompanying Vulcan hand sign. Yoda pictured here wearing Jedi robe, with alert pointed ears, and aware, deep set eyes.

Sizes are available from Small – 6XL in many of your favorite colors. And this Star Wars t-shirt comes in men and women’s cuts and is made from, 100% preshrunk cotton.

In a world where Trekkies, Trekkers and Star Wars Fans can all learn to get along, and where even JJ Abrams seeks to up his game, inspiration breathes fresh air into ancient memes.

Whether your needs are many or few, and while you “try not” and “do”, this stylish shirt will look great on you! Want one, you do? Get your Star Wars Yoda Live Long And Prosper T-Shirt.