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Yoda Tote Bag

Star Wars Yoda Tote Bag

Understatement is key. A basic tote style bag with a basic mono chrome sketch of Yoda’s face – and the under statement below is “Do or Do Not..”
Yoda’s head is cooler than the Nike “swoosh” and he shared these words of wisdom well before anyone uttered “Just Do It”! He is the original Zen Master of Dagobah. Get his understated face on your bag with his tagline letting everyone know what’s up.

This is the “Bag-Yoda” of ‘Dag-obah’!

Carry your books, personal items, groceries and other bagable stuff with this very cool accessory. You can never underestimate the power of understatement _ “there is no try!” _

What’s better (and more useful) than having cooler Hans than Luke, or better Buns than Leia? It’s all about the Yoda Jedi Bag.

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