buy Yoda Ugly Christmas Sweater

Yoda Ugly Christmas Sweater

Star Wars Yoda Ugly Christmas Sweater

Did you ever notice that Yoda looks a bit like “the Grinch”? Well, he does. And it’s funny because only one of them is actually real, and can capture the true spirit of Christmas (in a bag).

Now you can unleash your inner cheerful #bahumbug and spread the “joy” to the world with this ugly ‘Yoda is the New Santa’ Christmas sweater. With so many people going half kilter these days, it is up to people like you or me, or Yoda, to “keep it real”!

Very durable in a lovely 50/50 cotton-poly blend – this beautiful sweater will bring you oodles of fun during the entire Christmas season. It is available in sizes Small – 5XL and will bring a smile to many.

As you can see, Yoda looks stunning in his full on crimson Santa Wardrobe, complete with a sack-o-toys for (or from) all the girls and boys! He carries his Jedi-cane ready for battle as needed, and looks very smart against the festive green background.

Is he really Santa? Is he reallly “the Grinch”? Be an important part of the conversation!

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