buy Kids Wittle Wookiee T-Shirt

Kids Wittle Wookiee T-Shirt

Kids Wittle Wookie T-Shirt

Even if you don’t drive a Millennium Falcon, live on Tatooine or even own a lightsaber, you are still going to want to get this t-shirt for the little Jedi in your life.

A orange-yellow is the color of this t-shirt and the graphic is oh so cute. There is a little cartoon Chewbacca and in large white letters it says, “W is for Wookiee”. It is fantastic and your little one is going to love it.

This kids t-shirt ranges in sizes from 2T to 4T, just right for your little wookies. It is made from a cotton and polyester blend for the added durability your tyke needs when training to be come a Jedi.

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