buy LEGO TIE Advanced Prototype

LEGO TIE Advanced Prototype

This Star Wars LEGO set is based on the Star Wars Rebels animated series and it is a TIE fighter.

And not just any TIE fighter but the TIE Advanced Prototype.

This LEGO set has 355 pieces and is rated ages 8 – 14 but older is not a problem either.

The Tie Fighter is 5 x 7 x 3 inches in flight mode and a bit smaller in landing mode and of course, a LEGO spaceship comes with crew so that it is manned when flying through space.

This LEGO set is number 75082 and a must have for any Star Wars fan that loves LEGO.

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buy Stormtrooper And Daisies Shower Curtain

Stormtrooper And Daisies Shower Curtain

If you like flowers and Star Wars then you have to check out this Stormtrooper shower curtain.

On the shower curtain, you can see 3 LEGO Stormtroopers and these soldiers are holding up daisies and that of course is cute.

The Stormtrooper shower curtain is 60 x 72 inch and has enforced eyelets and it includes 12 hooks to hang it in your shower.

So no more boring and plain shower curtain for you because these Stormtroopers are a much nicer way to make your bathroom come to life.

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buy Kylo Ren LEGO Action Figure 75117

Kylo Ren LEGO Action Figure 75117

LEGO is great for young and old and most times you are just building things like the Millennium Falcon but this time you are building an action figure.

And this time you are building Kylo Ren. This LEGO buildable figure is 10″ tall and looks just like the real Kylo Ren complete with his special lightsaber and helmet.

And because it is a LEGO action figure playing with it is great fun to as it can come apart so it could loose it’s head in battle.

This Star Wars LEGO set 75117 contains 86 pieces and rated ages 8 – 14 but it’s ok if you are older then 14 to have this action figure in your Star Wars collection.

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buy Rey LEGO Action Figure 75113

Rey LEGO Action Figure 75113

Star Wars action figures are fun but still kinda boring but you are in luck because now there is an action figure you have to build yourself.

This figure of Rey is made from LEGO and is LEGO set number 75113 and part of the Buildable Figures series.

Rey is 9 inch tall and has to be build out of 84 pieces of LEGO and then you can have fun and play with this Star Wars character. Rey of course brought some weapons to and with a special wheel on her back you can make her arm swing for even more realistic action.

LEGO is always fun and now there are Star Wars characters like Rey made from LEGO it will only get better.

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buy LEGO Rey’s Speeder

LEGO Rey’s Speeder

Now you can build Rey’s Landspeeder from LEGO as this LEGO set is exactly that.

Besides the amazing speeder of course Rey is included to and she has besides her hair also her face protection.

And besides Rey you will also find some cargo and Unkor.

This LEGO set is number 75099 and is rated ages 7 – 12 but if you are older then you can still enjoy building and playing with it because LEGO is fun for all ages young or old.

Now you can have a Star Wars speeder from Rey and one that you build all by yourself.

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buy LEGO Ewok Village 10236

LEGO Ewok Village 10236

If you like LEGO and Star Wars then this is the LEGO set to have a closer look at.

This is Ewok Village and as LEGO that is just great fun for young and old as it is fun to build and then of course fun to play with.

In this LEGO set you can find many mini figures of  many Star Wars characters like Chewbacca, R2-D2, Stormtrooper and of course Ewok’s. This set has 1990 pieces and that will keep you building for a while but hey that is the fun of LEGO.

This Star Wars LEGO is set number 10236 and is rated ages 12 and up.

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buy Boba Fett LEGO Alarm Clock

Boba Fett LEGO Alarm Clock

Sometimes things just “click”.. like LEGO blocks that were meant to be together. Such is the case with this classic Boba Fett Star Wars LEGO alarm clock, you know it was meant for you, call it over to your neck of the galaxy at this very attractive price!

You can’t go wrong as a gift either, it’s the combination of the three most awesome things, the Star Wars franchise, bad ass Boba, and the timeless classicity of Lego, a trifecta of perfection!

Did I mention this beauty keeps the time too? Yes, outside of being gloriously cool, it is functional as well!

Enough said! Get your Boba Fett LEGO alarm clock before they disappear! Good for all kids, naughty, or nice, get your name on his list, he know’s when you are sleeping, he knows when your awake, he knows when you’ve been deep freezed in a cryogenic state!

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buy LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Alarm Clock

LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Alarm Clock

You know when you are zipping around from Solar System to Solar System, it can be hard to know “What Time It Is” – man. I mean, we better just settle on a seemingly arbitrary unit to make it a standard. I propose the time it takes for a planet called Earth to revolve and then divide by 24, as it is a nice even number. Well, this is exactly what this beautiful LEGO Star Wars alarm clock does! It uses STANDARD EARTH TIME!

Well, if you happen to be reading about this fine product from EARTH, you may possibly have to use an alarm to make sure you do things like START YOUR DAY. Well, this clock can help you there by waking you up at a set (programmable) time, and this will benefit you by allowing you to keep your job and continue getting cool things with your money tickets!

“Day to day grind” (can only) become bearable when you pimp out your otherwise mundane items and express your individuality. Which brings this informative article to it’s strong close. YOU NEED THIS LEGO ALARM CLOCK – because it is inherently fun and cheerful – despite it representing the dark side with a bright white Stormtrooper figure! Synchronic in it’s blend of the iconic with the ironic. Day and night it will serve you right!

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buy LEGO Millennium Falcon Building Kit

LEGO Millennium Falcon Building Kit

The classic building blocks of LEGO combined with Star Wars is an awesome collectors dream.

This set has the Millennium Falcon featuring a detachable cockpit, spring-loaded shooter and a secret compartment to hide all of your weapons and cargo. When this Star Wars fighter ship is fully assembled it measures 5 inches high x 18 inches long and 12 inches wide.

Along with the Millennium Falcon you will also get 6 mini figures of Rey, Finn, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Tasu Leech with Kanjiklub Gang Member and BB-8.

With so much attention to detail bring to life the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie and create fun scenes from it with the endless amount of extra weapons that go along with the LEGO Millennium Falcon and LEGO mini figures.

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buy 2015 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

2015 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Now you can have an Advent Calendar that has LEGO instead of chocolate inside and not just any LEGO, it has Star Wars LEGO.

This 2015 Star Wars advent calendar has many amazing LEGO gifts for you.

The 75097 LEGO set has 24 LEGO gifts of witch 5 are special mini figures and 2 are holiday themed droids and besides that you can find all kind of LEGO inside from Star Wars space ships to the AT-AT.

You are all set for the perfect holiday season when you have this LEGO advent calendar that will count you to the perfect Star Wars Christmas.

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