buy Stormtrooper 32GB Flash Drive

Stormtrooper 32GB Flash Drive

Star Wars fans can now have their own Stormtrooper 32GB Flash Drive.

This thumb drive is like a little Stormtrooper and it even has a loop on top so that you can hang it on your keychain if you like.

You can pull the head of this Stormtrooper and then you will see the USB connector so that you can use it to store all your important file or just for a backup.

A Star Wars flash drive is just great for all your school, work, and Star Wars files and I am sure that people will notice your cool flash drive and wonder why they got the boring one.

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buy Porg Shaped Mug

Porg Shaped Mug

Star Wars fans can now drink from this fun Porg Shaped Mug.

This ceramic Star Wars mug is shaped like a real Porg only you can drink from this bird as it has an handle on the side and is ready to serve you your morning coffee or any other drink your prefer.

The Porg mug is 20 oz and microwave safe but they do advice you to hand wash only because you like this bird to keep looking as amazing it is doing when you get one.

And if you just like the Porg character and just want one for on your desk then you could use this mug to hold your pen and pencil too.

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buy Women’s Darth Vader Valentine Sweatshirt

Women’s Darth Vader Valentine Sweatshirt

Now you can look special on Valentine’s Day by wearing this Women’s Darth Vader Valentine Sweatshirt.

This is a light grey sweatshirt with a cowl neck and it comes in women’s fitted sizes XSmall – 4XL.

On the shirt it shows the a red heart with Darth Vader on it and in the background lots of time the words “Star Wars”. And around the red heart it says “You will be my Valentine” because Darth Vader does not wait for someone special he just picks one.

So if you like to look stunning on Valentine’s Day and give a strong message then this fun sweater is what you should wear.

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buy Porg Earrings

Porg Earrings

Now Star Wars fans can have birds in their ears all thanks to these Porg Earrings.

These Star Wars earrings just look like a little Porg bird and they are studded earrings rated ages 13+.

So if you like some cool Star Wars jewelry that only is understood by people that know about the Porg then these cute earrings can be just what you need.

The metal earrings show the brown Porg and they are all shiny and cool with their wings flapping.

Earrings like these are fun to get for yourself or to give to your Star Wars loving girlfriend.

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buy R2-D2 Adirondack Chair

R2-D2 Adirondack Chair

Star Wars can now all have a R2-D2 Adirondack Chair.

This wooden chair is one of those amazingly comfortable Adirondack chairs only this one has a big R2-D2 on the back rest.

The wooden chair is made from unfinished wood but that does not mean that you can sit in it like that but you could choose to give it a nice finish to make it a bit more personal for you.

A Star Wars fan that needs something to sit on in the garden is in luck as this chair is not just comfortable but also amazing looking so now it is just waiting for a warm day to be outside.

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buy BiC Star Wars Pens

BiC Star Wars Pens

Looking for a pen to write then look no further because these BiC Star Wars Pens come in a set of 4.

The Star Wars pens all write black because it is the favorite color of the dark side.

The pens are white on the outs with on it the Star Wars logo in the middle with others on the ends and there are space crafts too because that is all part of the Star Wars stories.

Pens like these are great for school, work, and at home because we just needs pens everywhere and Star Wars pens are what all the Star Wars fans really need.

Get your BiC Star Wars Pens

buy BB-8 Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

BB-8 Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

Now Star Wars fans can spice up their foods all thanks to this BB-8 Salt And Pepper Shaker Set.

The salt & pepper shaker is made from ceramic with rubber stoppers on the bottom for easy refilling. And the top and bottom of BB-8 come apart as each can hold one of your favorite spices and when stacked on top of each other it just looks like the real ball shaped droid from Star Wars.

Having this BB-8 in the kitchen or on the dinning table will be great for any Star Wars fan that likes to spice up the foods a bit.

Get your BB-8 Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

buy Lightsaber Chopsticks

Lightsaber Chopsticks

Now Star Wars fans can eat with special chopsticks all thanks to these Lightsaber Chopsticks.

Now there can be lightsaber light in you food because these chopsticks do not only look like lightsabers they also have lights build in to them.

You can get these Star Wars chopsticks in different set of 1, 2 or 4 sets of chopsticks and they come in 4 colors and they include red, blue, purple, and green just like you have seen in the Star Wars movies.

And if you can’t eat with chopsticks yet then this is a great time to learn and this makes for a great present too as the chopsticks come in a giftbox.

Get your Lightsaber Chopsticks

buy Star Wars 40th Anniversary Edition

Star Wars 40th Anniversary Edition

Now you can play Monopoly in a movie style all thanks to this Star Wars 40th Anniversary Edition.

The Star Wars monopoly is like a normal monopoly game only with special cards, streets, piece and everything else so now you just need to make sure that you that you will be getting the most cash you can because that is the meaning of the game.

A Star Wars board game needs special play pieces and they are based on the 1977 Star Wars movie so you want to come and check it out by clicking on the picture of the game as it has more details.

Get your Star Wars 40th Anniversary Edition

buy LEGO Porg Kit 75230

LEGO Porg Kit 75230

Now you can build your own Star Wars LEGO Porg with this LEGO set.

This is LEGO Porg Kit 75230 and it includes 811 pieces of LEGO and all that makes a 7 inch tall Porg and it even has a display piece with a tiny Porg and a info card so that everyone can see what a Porg is.

And this Star Wars bird van open it’s beak and maybe you can feed it some LEGO when it get hungry.

It is just fun to have your own Porg as part of your Star Wars collection and as you are building it yourself it becomes really special.

Get your LEGO Porg Kit 75230