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R2-D2 Igloo Cooler

Now you can take a couple cool drinks in your R2-D2 Igloo Cooler that is just a fun item to have if you are a big fan of Star Wars droids.

This cooler is a classic Igloo cooler that has the lid that slide to the side and has the handle for easy carrying. Inside there is enough room for some cool drinks.

And the outside of this Star Wars cooler has a blue bottom and the lid is white with lots of details that remind all Star Wars fans of R2-D2 and even the blue is just like the Star Wars droid.

So now if you leave the house with a couple drinks then this is the cooler you want as it is great for a visit to the beach, game, or the park.

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R2-D2 Cooler Backpack

Now you can take a cold drink all thanks to this R2-D2 Cooler Backpack.

Star Wars fans can now go out and about with cold drinks for you and your friends.

This is a backpack is light grey and blue and has R2-D2 on it and a part of his name.

And this cooler bag can hold up to 20 cans and ice to keep your drinks cold where ever you go and besides the one big pocket there are smaller pockets too to hold other things.

So now you can take a cool one when hanging out with friends in the park or when going out for a game of golf. Star Wars can now be with your and serve you a cold drink.

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