buy Darth Vader Face Mask

Darth Vader Face Mask

Now Star Wars fans can wear this Darth Vader Face Mask.

Sure you can get the typical face mask that looks like light blue but if you like Star Wars then this is way cooler on you when you wear it out.

The Star Wars face mask is black with on it Darth Vader and mostly his head is on it and to me it almost looks like it is a LEGO figure of Darth Vader and that makes it extra cool.

And this mask is what you want to wear because mask keep us safe and this Darth Vader mask is machine washable so that it can be clean every time you leave your home.

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buy BB-8 Beer Stein

BB-8 Beer Stein

Now there is this BB-8 Beer Stein that is just made for beer loving Star Wars fans.

No matter if you like to collect beer steins or just love BB-8 this is the stein you want.

The BB-8 stein is ceramic like a true stein and is white with the typical orange shapes on it and there is a lid to that opens up with a metal clip and the lid is the head of BB-8 just like we know it.

No matter if you like to drink beer from it or just want something really cool in your collection this beer stein is fun to have.

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buy Yoda The Child On Board Decal

Yoda The Child On Board Decal

Now there is this Yoda The Child On Board Decal that is great for on your car or maybe a different window.

We all know about baby on board signs but they are not perfect for Star Wars fans until now because now there is this decal that would be great on your car.

The window decal is green with baby Yoda on it and the text “The Child On Board” and will look great on your car.

By having this decal on your car people will know that you are a true Star Wars fan and you may have Yoda or a child in your car.

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buy Mandalorian Mask T-Shirt

Mandalorian Mask T-Shirt

Now you can get this Mandalorian Mask T-Shirt which is perfect for all the true Star Wars fans.

This Star Wars t-shirt is available in styles for both men and women and it comes in a version with the design on the front but it also available with the design on the back. You can get this Mandolorian shirt in many colors and sizes to be just the perfect t-shirt for you.

On the t-shirt you can see the helmet that is worn but The Mandalorian and Boba Fett and it looks like a nice drawing with in the eye holes it says “This Is The Way”.

Click on the picture to have a closer look and to see if it is the shirt you want.

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buy Death Star Pewter Storage Bin

Death Star Pewter Storage Bin

Now Star Wars fans can get this Death Star Pewter Storage Bin.

If you are a big Star Wars collector that wants a cool Death Star for in your home then this one is what you want as it is made from Pewter metal and you can remove the top to reveal storage room so that you can store stuff inside it while just looking stunning on a shelve in your home or maybe on your desk.

A metal Death Star is what all the true fans want and this one made by Royal Selangor is stunning and part of their Lucasfilm Collection.

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buy Tatooine Sunset Mask

Tatooine Sunset Mask

Now Star Wars fans can be wearing this Tatooine Sunset Mask and this face mask is way cooler than the boring one most people wear.

This face mask is made for adults and is a great way to protect yourself and others while you are out and about. Covid maybe out there but Star Wars is here to protect you.

The Star Wars face mask is black with a sunset on Tatooine on it and there are space ships and BB-8 and Rey as they are walking to the sunset.

I am sure that people will stare at you wear this cool mask but it is all because you are the coolest Star Wars fan out there.

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buy Darth Vader And Death Star Boy’s Swim Trunks

Darth Vader And Death Star Boy’s Swim Trunks

Now you are ready for the pool all thanks to this Darth Vader And Death Star Boy’s Swim Trunks.

Star Wars fans that need a pool outfit for the beach or the pool should check out these fun boxers shorts.

You can get this Star Wars swimwear in boys sizes 2 -10 and they look amazing with lots of orange and blue with the head of Darth Vader on it and also a fun and colorful version of the Death Star and even some fighters.

Boxers like these are great for the pool and beach but can also just be the summer shorts for a boy that loves Star Wars and the Dark Side.

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buy R2-D2 Cooler Backpack

R2-D2 Cooler Backpack

Now you can take a cold drink all thanks to this R2-D2 Cooler Backpack.

Star Wars fans can now go out and about with cold drinks for you and your friends.

This is a backpack is light grey and blue and has R2-D2 on it and a part of his name.

And this cooler bag can hold up to 20 cans and ice to keep your drinks cold where ever you go and besides the one big pocket there are smaller pockets too to hold other things.

So now you can take a cool one when hanging out with friends in the park or when going out for a game of golf. Star Wars can now be with your and serve you a cold drink.

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buy Pewter R2-D2 Figurine

Pewter R2-D2 Figurine

Now your Star Wars collection can be awesome all thanks to this Pewter R2-D2 Figurine.

This Star Wars figurine is part of the Royal Selangor collection and shows a true R2-D2 in all its amazing details but then all in chrome as if it wasn’t painted yet.

And this is not just an amazing figurine as you can remove the head of the Star Wars droid to reveal a small storage compartment.

A true collector wants this figurine to be just perfect and that is why it comes in a special Star Wars box too.

Now you just need the perfect spot to display your Star Wars droid and show it to everyone that comes to your home.

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buy Rebel Alliance Lace Locks

Rebel Alliance Lace Locks

Now Star Wars fans can show off their shoes all thanks these Rebel Alliance Lace Locks.

Any pair of shoes with laces can now become Star Wars shoes because on those laces you can use this lace locks.

They come in a set of two and have the famous logo of the Rebels and that makes it clear to the Dark Side that you are a proud rebel.

You can even pick different colors for these Star Wars lace locks to make they look even better with your shoes.

And these fun shoe accessories are made from biodegradable plastic so that it is also not to bad for the environment.

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