buy BB-8 Christmas Ornament

BB-8 Christmas Ornament

BB-8 Christmas Ornament

Add some Star Wars cheer to your holiday season of Christmas with a droid you are looking for to hang on your tree, and it is fitting that this droid BB-8 kind of looks like a snowman.

This is a very nice Christmas ornament that features BB-8 from the awesome and cool movie of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Find all of the features that the droid BB-8 has in the movies like the round base ball with orange circles and the head that has detailed lens and light features making it look real.

It is a finely crafted ornament that is a Disney sketchbook design and finished off with a personal touch as it is hand painted. This BB-8 is made from resin and is 3 inches in height and includes the red satin ribbon for hanging.

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