buy Star Wars The Force Tree Skirt

Star Wars The Force Tree Skirt

Get ready for Christmas with this Star Wars The Force Tree Skirt.

This Christmas tree skirt is made by Hallmark and shows many Star Wars details from space crafts and even a lightsaber battle and that is not all as there are even lights build in so that it looks even more impressive when it gets dark.

A true Star Wars fan just wants it to be part of the holiday season and having this skirt under the Christmas tree is just a great start and I am sure that Santa Claus will like to leave presents even more when he sees what you did to your holiday decor.

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buy Porg Christmas Tree Ornament

Porg Christmas Tree Ornament

Star Wars fans really want to check out this Porg Christmas Tree Ornament.

The cute Porg can be hanging in your Christmas tree this holiday season because this is a cute ornament.

And this bird is 2.6 inches tall and is made from lead free resin so it is made to last for many Christmas seasons.

And as the Star Wars ornament is not wearing any Christmas things you can use this ornament all year round as you can hang it in your room so that you can be reminded of the cute Porg just waiting for it to show up again in a Star Wars movie.

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buy Yoda Pop String Lights

Yoda Pop String Lights

Now you can choose your Christmas tree in Star Wars style if you use these Yoda Pop sting lights.

This string light has 10 lights that look like the head of Yoda in a Funko Pop style.

Beside for Christmas, you could use these fun lights as room decoration as they will look great in your room and they will bring some nice light to your life.

No need for boring lights in the tree this holiday season all thanks to master Yoda.

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buy Stormtrooper String Lights

Stormtrooper String Lights

Star Wars fans that would like Stormtroopers to bring light are in luck because now there are these Stormtrooper string lights that work great for tree decorating or as light decoration in your room.

The Stormtrooper string light has 10 Stormtrooper lights and each light looks like the helmet of a Stormtrooper.

Just hang these lights in your Christmas tree and your tree will be Star Wars approved and all peaceful the whole holiday season.

Besides Christmas, you can use these lights also for just room decoration as these helmets are just perfect in bringing light and great for the home of a true Star Wars fan like you.

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buy Death Star Christmas Tree Topper

Death Star Christmas Tree Topper

If you want your Christmas tree to be Star Wars themed then this Death Star tree topper is what you want.

The tree topper is made by Hallmark and looks just like the real Death Star but this one comes with a remote to make it light up and play music.

So if you want a Christmas tree with the Star Wars music then this tree topper can make that happen.

And this ornament is not cheap but it will be one you will keep and reuse every year until the rebels finally exterminate the Dark Side.

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buy R2-D2 Sting Light

R2-D2 Sting Light

A string light is a great way to bring lights to a room and now there is this string of Star Wars droids that love to be part of you life.

This sting light has 10 R2-D2 lights and it would look great in a Christmas tree or just around your room.

The R2-D2 string light 138 inch in length with 10 lights that are place 12 inch apart so that they can hang neatly around making it feel you are in droids heaven.

String lights like this never get boring and that is why you probably want them somewhere year round and then move them to the tree with Christmas.

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buy Yoda LED Lighted Tree Topper

Yoda LED Lighted Tree Topper

The real angel for Christmas as we all know is the Jedi master himself, Yoda. Let Yoda watch over your tree and Christmas gifts from the top as the new Christmas angel.

This is a reall cool and fun Christmas tree topper that is perfect for the Star Wars fan, find Yoda in a white cloth Jedi robe holding his lightsaber up high and with very intricate deatils making his face come alive and ears sticking out at the top of your tree.

This Yoda tree topper measures 12 inches in height and the lightsaber lights up with the LED lights inside, there is a 5 inch lead wire and included is 4 replacement bulbs.

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buy BB-8 Christmas Ornament

BB-8 Christmas Ornament

Add some Star Wars cheer to your holiday season of Christmas with a droid you are looking for to hang on your tree, and it is fitting that this droid BB-8 kind of looks like a snowman.

This is a very nice Christmas ornament that features BB-8 from the awesome and cool movie of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Find all of the features that the droid BB-8 has in the movies like the round base ball with orange circles and the head that has detailed lens and light features making it look real.

It is a finely crafted ornament that is a Disney sketchbook design and finished off with a personal touch as it is hand painted. This BB-8 is made from resin and is 3 inches in height and includes the red satin ribbon for hanging.

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buy R2-D2 In Santa Hat Lighted Lawn Ornament

R2-D2 In Santa Hat Lighted Lawn Ornament

May the force be strong with you for the hoiday season of Christmas, I know the force is strong with R2-D2 every Christmas.

This is a giant lawn ornament that looks just like the droid R2-D2 from the cool and awesome series of Star Wars movies. Find a detailed R2-D2 all white with blue designs and check out his Christmas spirit as he is wearing a red Santa hat.

The Star Wars R2-D2 measures 18 inches wide x 29 inches tall x 15 inches deep and features a 36 inch long power cord, it is for indoor and outdoor use as it will be weather proof.

Imagine getting a picture beside this droid for the Christmas holiday.

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buy Star Wars Mini Christmas Tree

Star Wars Mini Christmas Tree

The holidays are here and of course any Star Wars fan knows you need to have some kind of cool Star Wars tree and ornaments.

This is a mini tree that is all shiny silver and on an attached stand with a seperate blue garland and red, green and blue round ball ornaments that each have the official Star Wars logo on them.

Measuring 23 inches tall and includes the one long blue garland and assorted and 12 multi colored balls, this tree is perfect for a small apartment or add to your huge Christmas collection.

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