buy Women’s Chewbacca And Prog Panties

Women’s Chewbacca And Prog Panties

Now there are Women’s Chewbacca And Prog Panties that are fun for all female Star Wars fans out there.

This women’s underwear is light grey in color and on that fabric you can see a Porg in the background and this funny bird can be found all over the fabric on both the front and back and then on the front it also shows Chewbacca that seems to be growling at the world around you.

These Star Wars panties come in women’s sizes Small – XL and are made from 97% polyester and 3% cotton.

Now you can just have some fun underwear that will make you smile every time you war it.

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buy Lightsaber And Porg Sticker

Lightsaber And Porg Sticker

Now there is this fun Lightsaber And Porg Sticker that is a must have for a Star Wars fan.

The sticker shows a lightsaber and two Porg birds that trying to figure out how this Star Wars weapon works.

As you can see the Porg sticker is die cut make it the perfect sticker for on almost anything. And you can even choose between matt of glossy version and there are some with a transparent edge too.

The Star Wars sticker can go on almost anything flat from your computer to maybe the fridge or a wall.

So if you like a cute Porg sticker then this could be the one.

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buy Chewbacca And Porg Funko Pop Figurine

Chewbacca And Porg Funko Pop Figurine

Chewbacca holding a cute little Porg done in the classic figurine style of a Funko POP!  Wow, really cool and it is based after the movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

This is a very cute Chewbacca that has all the fine details of his fur, black eyes, smile and features a bobblehead. Chewbacca is holding a Porg and is standing on a plaque that says Star Wars.

Made from a very high-quality vinyl this Star Wars Chewbacca is Number 195 in the Funko POP! Star Wars series. The figurine stands a total of 4 3/4 inches and comes in a collectors window box packaging.

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buy Porg Windows Plush

Porg Windows Plush

Star Wars fans can now have this fun Porg Windows Plush in their car.

This is a fun plush Porg bird and it has suction cups on the wings so that you can stick it onto the window of your car and it makes it kind of look that it is trying to get out of the car and that is probably by the way you drive.

The Porg is about 6 inches tall and looks just like it looks in the Star Wars movies.

It is fun to have something fun about Star Wars in your car especially if you are a true Star Wars fan like you.

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buy Porg Shaped Mug

Porg Shaped Mug

Star Wars fans can now drink from this fun Porg Shaped Mug.

This ceramic Star Wars mug is shaped like a real Porg only you can drink from this bird as it has an handle on the side and is ready to serve you your morning coffee or any other drink your prefer.

The Porg mug is 20 oz and microwave safe but they do advice you to hand wash only because you like this bird to keep looking as amazing it is doing when you get one.

And if you just like the Porg character and just want one for on your desk then you could use this mug to hold your pen and pencil too.

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buy Porg Earrings

Porg Earrings

Now Star Wars fans can have birds in their ears all thanks to these Porg Earrings.

These Star Wars earrings just look like a little Porg bird and they are studded earrings rated ages 13+.

So if you like some cool Star Wars jewelry that only is understood by people that know about the Porg then these cute earrings can be just what you need.

The metal earrings show the brown Porg and they are all shiny and cool with their wings flapping.

Earrings like these are fun to get for yourself or to give to your Star Wars loving girlfriend.

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buy LEGO Porg Kit 75230

LEGO Porg Kit 75230

Now you can build your own Star Wars LEGO Porg with this LEGO set.

This is LEGO Porg Kit 75230 and it includes 811 pieces of LEGO and all that makes a 7 inch tall Porg and it even has a display piece with a tiny Porg and a info card so that everyone can see what a Porg is.

And this Star Wars bird van open it’s beak and maybe you can feed it some LEGO when it get hungry.

It is just fun to have your own Porg as part of your Star Wars collection and as you are building it yourself it becomes really special.

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buy Porg Christmas Tree Ornament

Porg Christmas Tree Ornament

Star Wars fans really want to check out this Porg Christmas Tree Ornament.

The cute Porg can be hanging in your Christmas tree this holiday season because this is a cute ornament.

And this bird is 2.6 inches tall and is made from lead free resin so it is made to last for many Christmas seasons.

And as the Star Wars ornament is not wearing any Christmas things you can use this ornament all year round as you can hang it in your room so that you can be reminded of the cute Porg just waiting for it to show up again in a Star Wars movie.

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buy Porg Socks

Porg Socks

Now Star Wars fans can be wearing Porg socks.

The Star Wars socks come in a set of two pairs and each pair has a different design.

The first pair is light gray in color and on it you can find a big Porg taking up most of the space on the socks and then on the bottom it even has it’s Porg name printed on the fabric.

The Second pair of socks is black and on the black fabric you will find many images of Porg all over it.

Your new Star Wars crew socks are perfect for everyday use and will look great on both men and women.

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buy Porg Animated Plush

Porg Animated Plush

If you remember The Last Jedi movie then you will remember the Porg and now you can have your own Porg animated plush so that you never forget Star Wars and his adorable animals.

The Porg plush is 10 inches tall and swings it’s wings and moves it’s beak and the bird makes 3 different sounds just like in the movie.

The plush Porg is rated ages 5+ and would missed in your Star Wars collection if you don’t order one.

Young and old can just enjoy this adorable plush and have it on the couch while rewatching Star Wars movies over and over again.

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