buy Baby Yoda Plush

Baby Yoda Plush

Now there is this Baby Yoda Plush that is fun for both kids and adults.

This Yoda plush looks like baby Yoda and looks adorable with it’s big ears and brown jacket. And this plush comes in two sizes so that you can get the perfect size for you.

And Baby Yoda is good for ages 3 months and up and Yoda is filled with pp cotton and is skin friendly.

As Yoda comes in two sizes you can juts have the perfect one for your home as Yoda will look fun on a chair or on your bed but kids will like to cuddle with this cute Star Wars character.

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buy Porg Windows Plush

Porg Windows Plush

Star Wars fans can now have this fun Porg Windows Plush in their car.

This is a fun plush Porg bird and it has suction cups on the wings so that you can stick it onto the window of your car and it makes it kind of look that it is trying to get out of the car and that is probably by the way you drive.

The Porg is about 6 inches tall and looks just like it looks in the Star Wars movies.

It is fun to have something fun about Star Wars in your car especially if you are a true Star Wars fan like you.

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buy Porg Animated Plush

Porg Animated Plush

If you remember The Last Jedi movie then you will remember the Porg and now you can have your own Porg animated plush so that you never forget Star Wars and his adorable animals.

The Porg plush is 10 inches tall and swings it’s wings and moves it’s beak and the bird makes 3 different sounds just like in the movie.

The plush Porg is rated ages 5+ and would missed in your Star Wars collection if you don’t order one.

Young and old can just enjoy this adorable plush and have it on the couch while rewatching Star Wars movies over and over again.

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buy Chewbacca Plush

Chewbacca Plush

Always wanted your own Chewbacca to cuddle with? You are in luck because now there is a plush Chewbacca and no he is not as big as the real character but still at 18 inch tall Chewbacca is the perfect size to cuddle with.

Kid or all grown up this plush made by Build a Bear is what you want and now you can have one.

The plush chewbacca of course come with his bag that hangs over his shoulder because other wise he would just be a brown creature.

Now is the perfect time to add your own plush version of furry Chewbacca to your Star Wars collection.

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buy Princess Leia Fabrications Plush

Princess Leia Fabrications Plush

If you like plush creatures then this plush Princess Leia could be a great addition to you collection.

This Star Wars plush is about 6 inch tall and looks just like the classic Leia with the hair and even a weapon.

The Princess Leia plush is part of the Funk Fabrications series and Leia is number 27 in the series and comes in a fun box to.

This Star Wars plush is not really a toy for small kids, it’s rated ages 14 and up and is more meant for the plush collector that love Star Wars.

I am sure you can find the perfect spot for this plush princess in your home.

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buy Finn Plush Doll

Finn Plush Doll

If you would like a little Finn from Star Wars then this plush is probably your best bet.

The plush of Finn has weird proportions and that makes him extra cute. It’s like he just walked out of The Force Awakens movie complete with his weapon in hand.

The Star Wars plush is 7 inch tall and a great addition to any Star Wars collection you may have or want to start.

Finn is easy going and can live almost anywhere from a shelve in your home to on the desk at work.

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buy Chewbacca Angry Bird Plush

Chewbacca Angry Bird Plush

Chewbacca Angry Bird Plush

Combine Star Wars Chewbacca along with the classic game Angry Birds and this amazing plush is what you get.

This is an officially licensed Angry Birds plush that looks just like Star Wars character Chewbacca, it is all brown and furry with bushy eyebrows, yellow beak and of course Chewbacca’s bandolier around the shoulder.

Made to be durable and soft and cuddly from a super nice plush material, the Star Wars Angry Bird Chewbacca measures 16 inches tall and is ready for action, or bed time, or movie time, or whatever you want Chewbacca is here for you.

Collect the Star Wars Chewbacca Angry Bird Plush.

buy Star Wars Fabrikations Boba Fett Plush

Star Wars Fabrikations Boba Fett Plush

Star Wars Funko Fabrikations Boba Fett Plush

Now you can have a small Boba Fett for yourself.

This Boba Fett is 6 inch tall and looks a lot like the one we all know from the Star Wars movies.

This toy is part of the Fabrikations series from Funko and comes in a nice display box that he can stay in if you want or you can take Boba Fett out and play with him.

Boba comes with a head that can turn and he even brought his weapon.

This plush Boba Fett is not a kids toys and it is rated ages 14 and up.

Of course your Star Wars collection needs this Star Wars Fabrikations Boba Fett Plush.

buy Star Wars Yoda Plush Doll

Star Wars Yoda Plush Doll

Star Wars Yoda Plush Doll

The jedi master he is, the one who can train any young jedi and turn them into a feared jedi fighter, yes I am talking about Yoda.

This is a Yoda plush doll that has all of the Star Wars jedi master details you will recognize, he is in his cream colored robe with brown trims and has plush feet and arms sticking out along with a giant green plush head that has Yoda’s trademark pointy ears.

The Star Wars Yoda plush is perfect to tag along on any advetures you go on or he will make a great bedtime companion.

“Closer look have a” at the Star Wars Yoda Plush Doll.

buy Star Wars Jabba The Hutt Plush

Star Wars Jabba The Hutt Plush

Star Wars plush of Jabba the Hutt

Growing up as kids we all had a favorite plush to snuggle and cuddle up with.

Why not snuggle up with the coolest Star Wars Jabba the Hutt plush. Jabba the Hutt is a popular character from Star Wars that was a crime lord on the planet of Tatooine.

This cool Jabba the Hutt plush is in the shape and looks like the villain Jabba the Hutt from the Star Wars movie “Return of the Jedi”.

The Jabba the Hutt plush stands 7 inches tall and 11 inches long.

Remember all your favorite memories from Return of the Jedi when you snuggle up with this Star Wars Jabba the Hutt Plush.