buy Chewbacca Play-Doh

Chewbacca Play-Doh

Now you can get this fun Chewbacca Play-Doh set that is fun for kids and even adults.

This Play-Doh set includes 3 different colors of Play-Doh and it also includes a figure of Chewbacca and you can put Play-Doh inside him and then you can press his arm and his hair will grow and then you can cut it off with the included BB-8 scissors. And there is more like a shape in the back of Chewbacca so that you can make imprints of the Millennium Falcon.

If your child loves to play with Play-Dow and also is a big fan of Star Wars then this kids toy is just fun for many hours.

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buy 2020 Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar 75279

2020 Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar 75279

Now there is this 2020 Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar 75279 that will help you count to Christmas while make you build fun little LEGO set all based on Star Wars.

This Star Wars advent calendar brings a nice box with lots of pockets and behind all of them you will find another LEGO build and it also offers a fun scenery where you can put your builds on.

And all the LEGO build inside are based on Star Wars and you will find spaceships and characters and lots more and there is even a Darth Vader mini figure and he is wearing a Christmas sweater.

Don’t miss out of this advent calendar as it can also help you count down to 2021 because we are all hoping that 2020 is over soon.

Get your 2020 Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar 75279

buy R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid

R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid

Star Wars fans have probably wanted their very own droid well now you can with this R2-D2 App-Enabled droid.

This is a very cool app enabled droid that is based after the classic Star Wars character of R2-D2. Find the droid that is all white whit many blue accents to outline the armor, dials, switches and cameras. With functioning lights and sound this Star Wars R2-D2 stands 6 1/2 inches tall.

The app enabled droid is iOS and Android compatible and has authentic movement with features of going from bipod to tripod. Explore the Star Wars galaxy and ships while also taking control of the Star Wars character R2-D2.

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buy LEGO Porg Kit 75230

LEGO Porg Kit 75230

Now you can build your own Star Wars LEGO Porg with this LEGO set.

This is LEGO Porg Kit 75230 and it includes 811 pieces of LEGO and all that makes a 7 inch tall Porg and it even has a display piece with a tiny Porg and a info card so that everyone can see what a Porg is.

And this Star Wars bird van open it’s beak and maybe you can feed it some LEGO when it get hungry.

It is just fun to have your own Porg as part of your Star Wars collection and as you are building it yourself it becomes really special.

Get your LEGO Porg Kit 75230

buy Inflatable Lightsaber Set

Inflatable Lightsaber Set

If you want something fun to do with your friends that all like Star Wars then you should start with getting this inflatable Lightsaber set.

You can get these inflatable Lightsabers in a set from 2 all the way to 30 Lightsabers and they come in 3 colors.

So now you can have a fun Star Wars pool party and you and your friends can do a Lightsaber battle.

Now first uses you blowing power to bring your lightsaber up to be the perfect weapon for a fun battle with friends. And as you can get a lot of these Lightsabers you can really have a giant battle with friends.

And these make for perfect party favors too for a Star Wars party.

Get your Inflatable Lightsaber Set

buy LEGO BB-8 Building Kit 75187

LEGO BB-8 Building Kit 75187

If you like Star Wars and building things then now you can get this LEGO BB-8 building kit so that you can build a Star Wars droid.

The LEGO set lets you build a 9 inch tall BB-8 and the droid even comes with a LEGO stand with a sign next to it that explains what BB-8 is and all that will look stunning on a shelve in your home.

The big BB-8 has to be build first and the building kit number 75187 and the kit includes 1106 pieces and besides the big BB-8 it even has a little BB-8 minifigure to place next to the big one. And just that you know this is just a display piece when it is build so it will not roll like the real BB-8.

Get your LEGO BB-8 Building Kit 75187

buy Porg Animated Plush

Porg Animated Plush

If you remember The Last Jedi movie then you will remember the Porg and now you can have your own Porg animated plush so that you never forget Star Wars and his adorable animals.

The Porg plush is 10 inches tall and swings it’s wings and moves it’s beak and the bird makes 3 different sounds just like in the movie.

The plush Porg is rated ages 5+ and would missed in your Star Wars collection if you don’t order one.

Young and old can just enjoy this adorable plush and have it on the couch while rewatching Star Wars movies over and over again.

Get your Porg Animated Plush

buy 2017 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

2017 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

If you like Christmas, LEGO, and Star Wars then you need this LEGO Star Wars advent calendar.

The 2017 LEGO Star Wars advent calendar is LEGO set number 75184 and offers 24 pockets with a new piece of LEGO in each of one so that you can count down until Christmas.

The LEGO calendar includes many cool LEGO pieces including the Millenium Falcon and BB-8 on a snowboard while wearing a Santa hat.

And besides fun to unpack the advent calendar also has a foldout playmat so that you can play with all your new LEGO Star Wars pieces until next years Star Wars advent calendar.

Get your 2017 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

buy LEGO Star Wars Jyn Erso Buildable Figures 75119

LEGO Star Wars Jyn Erso Buildable Figures 75119

Now you can build you own Jyn Erso action figure out of LEGO thanks to this buildable figures set.

The LEGO Star Wars set includes 104 pieces that make Jyn in all her glory including a big weapon so that she can battle other LEGO figures you own.

The Jyn Erso LEGO figure is 9.45 inches tall and has possible limbs so that you can make her move and pose they way you like.

This is LEGO set 75119 and is rated ages 7 – 14 but older Star Wars fans are allowed to build this Star Wars lady too.

Get your LEGO Star Wars Jyn Erso Buildable Figures 75119

buy Yoda Jedi Master LEGO Set 7194

Yoda Jedi Master LEGO Set 7194

If you love the awesome action packed movies of Star Wars and really support the good guys then this is a great Yoda LEGO statue to add to your collection.

Yoda is a Jedi Master in the Star Wars movies, this is a giant LEGO statue when put all together looks just like Yoda. With all of the expected details from the large ears to a long Jedi coat and Yoda’s cane.

This LEGO set is number 7194 and has a total of 1075 pieces. It can be put together in 3 different variation styles and has a head that turns.

When put fully together the Yoda LEGO statue will stand 14 inches tall, an impressive height for your Star Wars collection.

Get your Yoda Jedi Master LEGO Set 7194