buy 3 Piece Star Wars Beach Ball Set

3 Piece Star Wars Beach Ball Set

Now there is this 3 Piece Star Wars Beach Ball Set so that you can hang on the beach in Star Wars style.

This beach ball set includes 3 balls one of R2-D2, BB-8, and the Death Star.

Now you just need some friends and have fun at the beach or pool with your Star Wars balls.

Besides for the pool you can also have them hanging around the house if you have a Star Wars party.

Beach balls are fun and easy as you can just blow them up when you want to play with it and store them away when you are not ready to play ball.

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buy BB-8 Pool Float

BB-8 Pool Float

This summer you can be using this BB-8 Pool Float in your pool or at the beach.

Star Wars fans that like to have fun in the water can now take this inflatable pool float. The pool float is oversized and looks just like the famous ball shaped Star Wars droid only a bit flatter as you can use it to just float on it for hours in your own pool or maybe at the beach.

Most droids do not like water but BB-8 is the exception because this droid became the pool float that all Star Wars fans just need to own.

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buy Inflatable Lightsaber Set

Inflatable Lightsaber Set

If you want something fun to do with your friends that all like Star Wars then you should start with getting this inflatable Lightsaber set.

You can get these inflatable Lightsabers in a set from 2 all the way to 30 Lightsabers and they come in 3 colors.

So now you can have a fun Star Wars pool party and you and your friends can do a Lightsaber battle.

Now first uses you blowing power to bring your lightsaber up to be the perfect weapon for a fun battle with friends. And as you can get a lot of these Lightsabers you can really have a giant battle with friends.

And these make for perfect party favors too for a Star Wars party.

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buy Giant Millennium Falcon Pool Float

Giant Millennium Falcon Pool Float

If you are looking for a fun float for the pool then you have to check out t his Millenium Falcon pool float as it looks amazing and it is huge.

The Star Wars pool float looks just like the Millenium Falcon from the Star Wars movies only this time it needs to blow up and inside you only find air.

And this pool float is huge as it 5 feet long and 46 inches wide.

Rated ages 5+ this float is just fun to play on or just float around and relax on the water.

Any Star Wars fan with access to a pool just needs to own this Millenium Falcon float.

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