buy Boba Fett Dog Tag Necklace

Boba Fett Dog Tag Necklace

Star Wars Boba Fett Dog Tag Necklace

There’s a lot of Buzz surrounding Boba Fett in the twitterverse. Some say he’s coming soon to a galaxy near you.

Boba Fett, son of Jango Fett (a literal clone of his dad!) was a Madalorian fighter who became “Madalore” (leader of Mandalorians). But you already knew that!

This epic dog tag shows the full color image of this deadly bounty hunter, as well as the Mandalorian symbol for “Mandalore” – meaning leader! On the back of image of Boba is the inscription “he’s no good to us dead”! This is in reference to his believed survival of the Sarlacc Pitt. Did he escape a death most heinous? Believers of this effective mercenary think so!

Show your Fett love by wearing this cool BF dog tag. Clean lines, crisp color, badass design.

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